Push Campaign or SMS Notifications?

Easy to consult, concise and almost always open, SMS remains the preferred medium for communicating with customers. But what is the difference between sending “push campaign” and “sms notifications”? Light…

SMS is the number 1 communication vector because its read rate (95%, according to the case reference’s AFMM-Médiamétrie study) and its recall rate (about 60% according to INSEE) are very high, much compared to other media. is more. , A real boon for professionals, SMS should be used wisely and it is important to differentiate between “push campaign” and “SMS notification”. In any case, SMS remains the key asset of a clean customer relationship.

Com’ big or personal?

SMS campaigns affect a group of contacts simultaneously – opt-in – and are usually aimed at relaying promotions, alerting private sales, issuing invitations, etc. It is a general communication addressed to a determined public and provides information of strong interest.

SMS notifications are roughly equivalent to transactional emails: SMS sent to such and such person in such situation. Classic examples are delivery notifications (“Hello, your package X289746B has arrived at your relay store.”) or account circulation (“Your account balance: 350 Euros”). These messages pertain to a given person at a given time, and at a given event, and provide essential information.

With this kind of flexibility, it’s no surprise that SMS is used for a variety of industries and different processes: promotion, of course, but also account information, authentication, logistics notifications, material release codes, contact details. send etc.

a tailor-made message

You may already know: SMS is a special message. The length, thanks to modern technologies, can exceed the typical 160 characters (which corresponds to a telecommunications standard as a reminder) – in fact, today’s solutions make it possible to keep multiple SMSes end-to-end so that no one Also don’t just have one on arrival form.

Be careful though! For example, you shouldn’t write messages longer than 1000 characters!

Through ad-hoc IT tools (“APIs”, for connoisseurs, etc.), it is possible to fully personalize the content of SMS according to customer data in the database. Take the case of a bank that notifies one of its customers. If the first part of the message is set (“Your account balance:”), the second is a field whose variable is determined at account status t (“350”). In fact, it is possible to get the information from the database and upload it to the SMS itself.

come to the point

SMS campaigns, and SMS notifications in particular, call for a simple, effective and sometimes even telegraphic style. You have to limit yourself to the essentials and choose your keywords wisely. In case of information, it is desirable to conduct multiple tests to see the final result (especially in case of lack of customer related information).

So, in SMS, Push or Notifications? Both, my captain!

This article was written by a guest editor: G. Curtet, Head of Marketing and Communications Axialys

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