Professional Instagram Dashboard: Best Practices

Instagram strives to provide effective tools to users who use the platform for business purposes. The social network provides a super practical extension specifically for the professional dashboard …

As a reminder, Instagram is making it easier for business owners and content creators to grow their business on the platform. professional dashboard , The new Business Dashboard will serve as a central hub for business owners and creators on the Instagram app to access all the tools and resources they need!

This dashboard will allow you to track your performance metrics, use professional tools, and learn Instagram-generated social media statistics and strategies.

The dashboard will have three sections:

  1. Track Your Performance: This section will show you information and trends based on the performance of your account.
  2. Grow your business: This section contains professional tools you can use to improve your business’s presence on Instagram.
  3. Stay informed: This part of the dashboard is where you can find all the tips, tricks, best practices and tips that Instagram has specially designed to help business owners and creators like you.

“Stay informed” in the professional Instagram dashboard

Anyone who wants to post successful Instagram posts – whether organic or paid – is building on their own experiences or drawing inspiration from successful campaigns.

In that sense, Instagram’s professional dashboard, launched in January 2021, shares positive examples from other companies. Practically speaking, this tool helps you make the most of Instagram with curated educational resources including tips, tricks, tips, and inspiration.

Now that you access this professional dashboard (at the top of your profile), you’ll find a new guide “See how other businesses connect with people” in the “Stay informed” section found in the section at the bottom of the screen can go. ,

Tap this tile for tons of examples of great branded posts and ads selected by Instagram’s creative team.

Once you’ve typed the example, you can scroll down to see more. Instagram has also included ‘Create Post’ and ‘Create Ad’ CTAs among the displayed posts to streamline your own creation process. Instagram is a great way to get more ideas for your own social media strategy.

The data used to uncover its potential on Instagram

Instagram says the feature is part of its ongoing commitment to building a suite of solutions to help businesses of all sizes unlock their potential.

Business dashboards comprehensively include data on account performance and links to relevant resources to help you grow your online presence.

This prompts marketers to study what sets their message apart from others, to think about how you can incorporate several aspects into your business content:

  • What catches your eye?
  • what else you want to know?
  • How does the message capture the voice and vision of the company? ,

All of these features have been available for a while, but the idea of ​​Dashboard is that it makes it easy to connect to relevant development resources in one place.

That’s why it might be interesting to check regularly what Instagram is adding to help you improve your performance on this social network.

The new dashboard lets you see all of your information and tools at once instead of clicking through multiple parts of the platform (and who doesn’t love things that make your life easier?!) What do you think of the new update?

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