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Communication analytics or state-of-the-art marketing tools, call tracking reports in real time on the impact of your communications. The Internet and more specifically Google has created a range of tools that are capable of providing complete information related to the profitability generated through a given medium, the conduct of a marketing campaign or even customer habits etc. However, Google Analytics is limited to data related to web browsing…

How to Analyze Marketing Campaign Impact with Call Tracking?

When a telephone contact is established between a customer and a company, two problems arise:

  • Lack of information about the call in general (duration, origin, etc.) or on the communication medium that triggered the call;
  • Lack of technical tools to manage customer calls more efficiently;

therefore call tracking There is a process capable of addressing this lack of transparency for the company. It is equally well used for online and offline campaigns with different communication channels (newspaper, radio, internet, etc.).

Its operation is based on the use of virtual numbers. These are masked numbers that, at a fixed cost, make it possible to receive calls from a marketing campaign and divert them at no extra cost to the company’s landlines and mobiles.

Thus, the lack of information about the origin of the call is solved by entering a separate virtual number on each communication channel to which the company wishes to appear. For example, an e-commerce entrepreneur with multiple activities and therefore multiple websites associated with these activities may indicate a different virtual number on each web page. So it is a double winner, because it manages its calls better and on the other hand because it is able to know which calls come from which website.

virtual number are connected to a web platform that provides access to complete information on these calls: number of calls received, call origin (area, city, exact location), average duration of calls, missed calls not recalled, missed calls Back call etc.

Why would call tracking be useful for my business?

First statistics Established through this process provides the possibility to quickly target marketing campaigns that are effective. Those that cannot be removed or re-oriented strategically to avoid investing time and money in an unprofitable area.

On the other hand, call tracking Assesses the accountability of call centers. The increasing number of missed calls tarnishes the image of the company and increases the risk of losing potential customers. With the information provided on the call, it is easy to get back to the customer.

Finally, comparing statistical curves over time makes it possible to discern the existence of seasonal factors capable of causing differences in results between online and offline or even fluctuating the profitability of your marketing campaigns.

You can now re-adjust and optimize your marketing strategy using the information provided by the statistics described above.

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