Precisely plan and analyze influencer marketing campaigns with Stellar

Today, influence marketing is one of the most effective digital levers. This lever is integrated into most brand communication strategies. If its effectiveness is not proven, it remains a complex digital lever to understand in terms of both the organization and monitoring the effectiveness of its campaigns. This is where equipping yourself with an influence marketing solution like Stellar, allows you to become more professional and achieve better results. With Stellar you have all the cards to master your influence campaigns from A to Z: from choosing your influencers, through to managing your campaigns, and through anticipating and measuring results.

Stellar’s goal: to democratize – by making influencer marketing more accessible. Thus, this all-in-one or modular platform allows you to:

  • Identify the influencers most relevant to you;
  • Analyze their profile and audience;
  • Launch campaign projects with ease;
  • to follow up on published material;
  • To predict, measure and analyze performance.

The tool accompanies you through the 4 essential steps of campaign launch:

  1. Definition of your marketing strategy;
  2. Identifying and analyzing influencers tailored to your strategy;
  3. Management of campaigns and relationships with influencers;
  4. Impact and ROI monitoring.

Let us now take a closer look at these different steps…

1: Defining Your Marketing Influence Strategy

Like any marketing campaign, before you launch, it’s important to clearly define your influence strategy. FAQs at this level:

  • What is your objective? (We’d think smart, of course);
  • What are your goals? (or even better than your personality);
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • What is your brand DNA?

Take the time to determine the social networks relevant to you, which influencers your future ambassadors have, and to lay out your strategy in black-and-white to look more clearly to the future.

2: Research, identify and analyze influencers

Once your strategy is in place, you can begin to identify influencers who meet the criteria for your strategy, your objectives, and your values ​​and themes.

You can do this by searching directly on social media and manually analyzing the engagement of various posts. But it will take you a long time and understanding the commitment can be complicated, especially since the commitment can be made artificially.

To approach this important step more professionally, you can use an influencer marketing tool like Stellar, which allows you to accurately analyze the profiles of influencers and make your choices in a more “scientific” and successful way. can.

The Stellar search engine allows you to find and identify influencers who are relevant to you, on a list of over 20 million influencers present in France, but also internationally. You have access to various filters on the influencer to help you with your selection: center of interest, subject, location, number of subscribers, socio-demographic criteria, etc. as well as filters on audience such as center of interest, age or place.

Thus, Stellar gives you the opportunity to analyze your community of influencers, their publications, and even their past collaborations with other brands (thanks to the tracking of mentions with sponsored tags).

Here is an example of the analysis that can be found for each influencer in the Stellar database with a file related to Hugo Clement:

You will then get a summary of important information about the influencer. You can find details on their social media accounts. You can directly access its latest content and statistics obtained by each publication. Stellar tracks all kinds of content on the major social networks: Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram…

The second screen will show you the influencer’s key analytics metrics (customers, engagement rate, average comments on posts, etc.):

You have the possibility to filter the statistics by network and thus identify for a given influencer, which is the platform on which it generates the most engagement. This then allows you to refine your choices according to the social networks and formats of your collaborations.

You’ll also have other features that allow you to:

  • Analyze the influencer’s audience and community (country, city, language, gender, etc.).
  • Analyze the main topics addressed by the content creator.
  • To find similar influencers.

In fact, Stellar is perfect for analyzing the DNA of influencers: the values ​​they share, their tone, their content, their centers of interest. But also to analyze its audience on the basis of socio-demographic criteria.

Among the data, you also have the “Audience Reliability Score”. This gives the influencer’s customer base a credibility score, which can help avoid unpleasant surprises and fake customers. Here is an overview of the audience information for Hugo Clement:

For each influencer, you also have an estimate of the cost of publication by format, which accompanies your selection and organization of your campaign:

Once the identification and analysis phase is complete, each selected influencer can be added to a group so that you can follow up with your selections:

And, quite effectively, the tool can predict the audience for your campaign by influencer, network, and format, based on your selection of influencers. This way you can manage your budget allocation more effectively, but also be assured of the relevance and effectiveness of your marketing plan.

Practical: With regard to managing collaborations, you also have a feature that allows you to take notes on the influencer so as not to forget, for example, his exchange with you or any other personal information. The tool also includes effective verification tracking: is it approved internally or by the client when the user is an agency? Has the influencer accepted the collaboration? Did he publish the material? All these tracking essentials are readily available.

3: Influencer Marketing Campaign Management

Once the influencers are selected, you still have to plan the campaign, create your brief, contact the influencers, monitor relationships, send endowments and remuneration with them… here Also, Stellar can help you be more efficient for your campaign project. Planning and Management Tools.

You can then pinpoint your short, your selection of influencers and the associated global audience. This tool then gives us the forecast of expenses and benefits in terms of performance and profitability. It also allows you to track relationships with each influencer and schedule posts on a single calendar.

It gives you an overview of your campaign, which makes management very easy!

To facilitate collaboration between a team, a department, or an agency and its advertiser client, you can directly follow the verification status of influencers on Stellar. This feature is widely used by agencies that share this list directly with their clients who then directly validate the partnership on Stellar. It’s not necessary to have a Stellar license to take advantage of this impressive listing verification feature.


Lastly, Stellar allows you to get result predictions for your campaign. This way you can estimate the key figures, costs and profitability of your campaign even before its launch. You then launch your devices with the best possible compass.

4: Track the impact of your campaign

Once your campaign has started, you should focus on the last step and what can certainly prove to be the most difficult without a dedicated tool: impact analysis and ROI.

On Stellar, in the reporting part, you’ll have an overview of the campaign’s performance:

You also have access to all the statistics of each influencer. At a glance, you can see results in terms of visibility (views, impressions,…), engagement, traffic (clicks) and sales. You can also get EMV and ROI per influencer.

As the campaign is activated, these reports can be consulted at any time and used to monitor results and make adjustments if necessary.

In the Campaigns report, you can also see the different repertoire of the publications that make up the campaign. The publications can be accessed and stored directly on Stellar, which is a real asset to be able to access it later in a single click as well as analyze its content. Stellar allows you to access your campaign history.

Stellar helps answer the following questions: Did my campaign perform? With which influencer? And on which network and in what format? What is my profitability per influencer?

As a bonus, you can easily see who has published your campaign thanks to automatic presence tracking of your dedicated hashtags.


Stellar is the perfect tool for structuring your influencer marketing practice. In addition, major brands rely on the tool: Swatch, la Redout, Disney, Nintendo, Atom, Havas, Publicis and many others.

On the price side, this will depend on the module you choose and the number of influencers tracked. Solutions start at 89€ per month and you can benefit from a 12% reduction if you commit for the year.

For more information and to have a free trial, visit the Stellar website

An article written in collaboration with Stellar

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