Points to check for a holistic review of your digital and business strategy

The start of the school year is approaching and it may be time to get some fresh opinions to take an outside look at your strategy and future goals for you and your business. Reviewing your business strategy is a structured process for identifying new opportunities that will create value for your business. Many companies conduct strategic reviews on an annual basis as part of their strategic planning process.

Whatever the nature of your business, a strategic review should be a factual and frank analysis of business opportunities and allow you to take a step back to assess the foundation upon which the business is built.

But what are the points to check in a global review of your digital and business strategy? What are the key points to consider in order to review your goals and take advantage of opportunities?

What are the benefits of strategic review?

When done correctly, a comprehensive review of your strategies can bring you significant profits. In addition to the financial benefits of improving your performance and targeting new opportunities for growth, this process can dramatically improve your relationships between teams and stakeholders, but more importantly, the future direction of your business. Clarify.

Steps to take a global review of your business strategy

Step 1: Review your overall strategy

The first thing you need to do during your strategy review process is to step back and review each element of your strategic plan. Most importantly, ask yourself whether each element of your strategic plan is still valid. Unfortunately this point is often overlooked, because if the position of your company has changed during the past year, it will have a significant impact on all the elements that make up your strategic plan, your mission, your vision and your values. make. Your goals and initiatives.

Step 2: Examine every detail of your overall strategy

The details of the strategic plan include your goals, measures and initiatives. Here’s how to go through each of them:

  • Objectives are your high level organizational goals. During your strategy review process, you need to ask yourself, “Are our goals still relevant?” Do they relate to our mission, vision and values? Your answer should be with actual data, not your intuition.
  • The measures are sometimes referred to as key performance indicators or metrics. Each of your goals should have metrics associated with it, and for each of those metrics you need to set a realistic goal.
  • Initiatives are not one-off actions; These are large-scale or long-term projects that your business pursues for strategic success. You are more likely to change, remove or add new initiatives during your strategy review process than to change your metrics or initiatives.

Step 3: Assess the relationship between the teams

Reports are essential to communicate the performance of your overall strategic plan. If you simply ignore your report during your strategy review process, the strategy you’ve worked so hard on may simply become ineffective. Therefore, you may want to ask for the following:

  • Do we meet at the right frequency? Quarterly and monthly meetings have different goals, and you’ll want to make sure that each meeting you hold is productive.
  • Is our report formatted correctly? In other words, does your report contain the information everyone needs to understand your performance? Keep in mind that each report will highlight different information.

Step 4: Tell your team and partners about the changes

When reviewing your strategy, it is extremely important to think about how you will communicate updates or changes to your plan to your business. Otherwise, you won’t build organization-wide membership, making it more difficult for you to achieve strategic success.

Step 5: Take Time to Think About Implementation

A strategic review is a waste of time if it is not accompanied by a clear call to action and a plan of attack. In addition to formulating clear and logical recommendations, it should also indicate how these recommendations will be implemented.

Concrete example of a comprehensive review of your digital and business strategy

Thanks to a series of concrete questions to review your business strategy, you will realize that it is essential to take stock of your digital and business strategy, and that the two concepts are closely linked.

Take stock of your goals:

  • Have you achieved your preset goals?
  • Have these objectives been achieved wholly or only partially?
  • What difficulties did you face in reaching them?
  • What was the main reason for those who were not affected?

take stock of your goals

  • What kind of audience do you want to reach?
  • Over the past period, what has been your traffic analysis?
  • Is the target audience really the one you’ve met?
  • What are the barriers to reaching your goal?
  • what was your strength?

Identify the factors of your success and failure

  • what was your strength?
  • At what points have you been most successful?
  • What were your failures?
  • what were your difficulties?
  • How do you think it can be resolved?
  • How to unleash your strengths to prosper in your business?

take stock of your competitors

  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What do you think you can bring more from them?
  • What do you think they have more than you? What are their strengths?
  • Have you noticed the arrival of new competitors in the market?
  • What strategies can you adopt to challenge your competitors and establish yourself in the market?

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