Podcasts, a marketing channel to exploit

Whether used to represent a business or for personal branding, podcasts provide a unique and strategic means of communication. Unlike traditional social, print and online media, content creators can use them to communicate marketing messages to a wider audience by associating them with valuable content, while providing entertainment. Find out why you can use podcasting to grow your business…

Growing Podcast Market

Miscommunication and lack of communication is a long-standing problem and a source of frustration for businesses large and small. The desire to expand communication has allowed podcasting, an unfiltered method of communication, to take a lead in business and in the marketplace. Well-designed podcasts are an effective, portable, convenient and intimate way to distribute and produce content and build ongoing relationships with your customers, employees and constituents.

The market is experiencing tremendous growth. According to Ipsos, the share of monthly podcasts has increased From 24% at the beginning of 2017 to 37% in the second quarter of 2019, Additionally, podcast revenue is growing and growing in popularity.

According to Forbes, “advertising revenue from podcasts will grow faster in 2020 than almost any other type of media.” A US study on podcast advertising revenue also revealed that the revenue of this media platform is close to $1 billion, taking the total revenue in 2020 to $708 million. 48% year-over-year growth.

Branded podcast types

According to Bango Media, there are three types of branded podcasts.

  • The first is brand awareness. It creates an environment for brands to showcase their area of ​​expertise and build a group of individuals who support similar missions.
  • The second aligns the theme with the values ​​of the company/customer. The shared motivation will drive overall advertising and build brand awareness.
  • The third is when a business collaborates with a business or influencers to promote advertising and sponsorship using other people’s money and creativity. The Daily of the New York Times is an example, as it presents interviews with journalists. Times and other related interviews.

reach existing audiences

Using audio files as a marketing channel allows you to communicate directly with your potential participants. Also, this medium is not like an advertising poster, for example, that you come across on the street and choose to ignore. Once the listener hits play on the podcast, the message will be sent directly to them. The advantage of podcasting as a marketing channel is that the message is captured in a different way, in which listeners are more aware and interested in what they are hearing.

Improve audience engagement

The authenticity provided by podcasting platforms is one such way that can help you improve audience engagement. The human voice is an effective way to engage your audience that can enhance traditional face-to-face, print and online media content. For example, this is an excellent platform to communicate product news, new services available or customer awareness. This further allows your audience to engage with you in a way that they cannot through static web pages. The more you engage with your audience, the more likely they are to become your customers and even create a word-of-mouth referral system for your business.

Why not come into play?

Again, podcasts are not only entertaining, but they are an important advertising platform. Unlike traditional social media, audio content allows listeners to connect with the host as they feel that openness while engaging in storytelling. Using podcasts as a marketing tool will make the recipient feel like they are sitting around a table and participating in the conversation, no matter where they are. Join the podcast trend and use it as a marketing tool today!

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