Pinterest Search Trends in 2022

80% of trends revealed Pinterest Predictions continues to grow throughout the year 2021 If you have a greater impact on your audience, it’s best to check out this annual report. Well, like every end of the year, Pinterest reveals the search trends for the coming year. Through the eighth edition of its annual report, the platform presented the upcoming trends for 2022…

Pinterest makes predictions for 2022

Pinterest Predicts is always eagerly awaited by consumers, manufacturers and brands to build their digital marketing campaigns. It’s like privileged access to the next trends before anyone else. To stay one step ahead of the trends marking the year ahead, Pinterest presents advertisers with essential information in this annual report, helping themto keep Greater impact on their audience. Among them, let us specifically mention Generation Z and Millennials.

Whereas their average basket is 85% higher On average, compared to buyers on other platforms, all express a strong Purchasing intent on the platform. (Source: Dynata for Pinterest, a shopping study of people who use Pinterest Weekly for fashion and beauty compared to those who don’t use Pinterest. US, April 2021,

Plus, people go to Pinterest to plan their projects and then finish them. They can easily move from inspiration to attainment, and look for advertising materials and products that meet their expectations. According to Andrea Mallard, Chief Marketing Officer of Pinterest:

, By analyzing their searches and behaviors on the platform, we are not only able to see what is trending now, but also predict what is going to be trending, months in advance. ,

An unprecedented number of trends on Pinterest in 2022

Compared to the previous year, Pinterest saw a significant increase in user searches. This year, there were at least 175 emerging searches available on Pinterest’s business site. from them :

travel in all its forms

During this time, the health crisis related to Kovid has spoiled many habits. Thus many research trends will have the wind in their sails:

  • “All Inclusive Hotel” (x2)
  • +120% “Car Decoration Ideas”
  • +70% for the “boho car interior” style.
  • night adventures
  • Night Road Trip Aesthetic (x2).


For 2022, research will focus on bolder and more stylish loungewear:

  • “Fine lingerie”: a 96-fold increase in searches
  • “Transparent nightgown”: 5x increase in searches


To allow yourself a breath of fresh air… Inside, 2022 searches on Pinterest will be focused on a number of topics:

  • “Stairway Garden” (+175%)
  • “Flower Ceiling” (x3)
  • “Biophilic Design” (+150%):

In addition to strengthening their connection with nature and improving their well-being, users will discover topics related to pets:

  • “Designer Cat House” (x2);
  • “Deluxe Dog Room” (+115%).


To renew their energies and move forward to face the difficult years associated with the health crisis, the younger generation in 2022 will focus on three specific wellness themes:

  • “Spiritual Awakening Course” (x4)
  • “Aura Color” (x36)
  • “Frequency care” (+ 35%).


In 2022, Boomers and Gen X will come together around traditional cuisine, celebrating the terroir and know-how of older generations from many countries:

  • “Traditional South African Cuisine” (+150%);
  • “Traditional Norwegian cuisine” (+120%);
  • “Traditional Russian cuisine” (x3).

For more, Pinterest’s business site covers 175 Trends for 2022, including hundreds of tips for brands to make the most of these trends.

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