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As you know, customer support is a major part in developing your company’s activity. Nowadays, consumers are used to a very sensitive support (see snapshot), so it is essential to have the appropriate equipment to meet this requirement at the risk of missing out on business opportunities. The good news, we’ve found a simple and accessible tool for you to manage all your customer support in one place: Crisp. Let’s find out together…

Chatbot, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, CRM… Crisp allows you to manage your entire customer experience from a single interface.

good to know : Crisp offers some of its features for free, most notably a live chat and inbox system with the possibility of having 2 users. But where Crisp stands out is undoubtedly through its “Pro” and “Unlimited” offers, which can both be tested for free for 14 days to get an idea before committing.

One tool to integrate all of your customer service channels


It can be very time consuming to manage different channels of communication with customers one by one…

Crisp’s chat system integrates all of your channels to answer all of your customers from one place. Whether it’s email, Facebook messages, Twitter messages or messages via your site’s chat, they arrive in one place and are well organized to help you manage them in the most efficient way possible . Isn’t life beautiful?

In addition, you can automate certain responses and generate leads by automatically engaging in conversations with them. This system is based on the behavior of the people who visit your site. Example: If the customer visits a particular page, a chat system may launch to initiate the conversation and close the sale.

The solution is fully customizable to suit your site, the design is adaptable.

A knowledge base linked to chatbots makes it possible to answer the most frequently asked questions and switch to an agent if necessary. You can set up “triggers” that can trigger a pre-established scenario upstream.

Your agents can benefit from standard responses, personal notes, and customer histories to be more successful commercially. Thus they can focus on what brings A real plus in customer relations.

A CRM to Manage Your Customer Relationships Effectively


In its “Unlimited” version, Crisp offers a CRM that automates repetitive tasks to focus on sales. This is how you can create automated campaigns (marketing automation) and chatbot scenarios to grow your business.

Marketing automation campaigns allow you to communicate with your customers automatically and have messages appear as if you sent them personally:

A customer review system rounds out the offer to monitor the quality of exchanges and continuously improve your customer relationships.

You can even make video appointments with the MagicBrowse tool and help your customers remotely view their screens.

You also have an Analytics section to monitor the impact of your actions.

And the price?

As seen before, you have the possibility to access basic chat for free to start with, you can also unlock all the features that “Pro” and “Unlimited” offer for free for 14 days.

For the rest, the prices are very reasonable, i.e. 25€ per month for “Pro” offers (including 4 agents) and 95€ per month for “Unlimited” offers (unlimited number of agents). If you have a large team, Crisp’s “Pro” offer is very attractive compared to competing offers, which most of the time increase their prices according to the number of users.

For a more clear view, look at the functionalities of the various offers below:

To finish

Crisp offers an ultra-widespread and affordable offering, regardless of the size of your business. 250,000 companies have already been assured. This is especially the case for Mailjet, Rakuten, AirFrance and Renault. Hence Crisp is well suited for both SMEs and large structures thanks to an affordable and efficient offering.

Click here to learn more and test the tool to get your own idea

Article written in collaboration with Krispy

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