Note the new “wechat work” pro app

In this new article, you will discover and better understand the new “WeChat Work” application in China. Wechat, I already told you about it, is the super app in China, the leader. All Chinese people have WeChat account…

Because of its popularity and all the things it can do, WeChat has become a powerful tool in serving companies that want to promote their brands and products in China.

Today we want to draw your attention to another aspect of WeChat that is of interest to companies that want to maximize their productivity.

We will not talk about WeChat as a marketing tool, but as a tool that can optimize and improve the management of small, medium and large companies in China.

You are about to find out how you can use WeChat Work to improve the performance of your business.

• What is WeChat Functions?
• Benefits of WeChat Functions
• How do I download WeChat Work?
• Can I use WeChat Work on PC?
• How to use WeChat business accounts to improve productivity?

What is wechat work?

WeChat Work is an app that is different from the normal WeChat app. However, it was created by Tencent, the same company that owns WeChat.

WeChat Work was born out of a need to build an app just for business use. It provides a practical solution for companies to optimize their internal operations and avoid using personal WeChat accounts to manage business relationships.

After the widespread adoption of WeChat across the country, it was found that most users use the app as a work tool.
Messages between team members and contacts with customers and suppliers are often done through individual WeChat accounts.

However, WeChat was not designed for this purpose. To best meet the needs of those who use WeChat for business purposes, Tencent has created an app that serves this goal.

The new application provides specific functions to manage the communication between the members of the company. It also strengthens business relationships with customers and suppliers and improves business performance through a number of plugins.

Benefits of WeChat Functions

WeChat Work addresses a number of issues that companies may face when dealing with their employees.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing WeChat Tasks:

  • Employees are not required to use their personal WeChat account at work. even if used for business purposes, logging into the personal account during working hours can be too distracting and waste time;
  • With WeChat Functions, businesses can now avoid adding the wrong person to sensitive chats. This helps to avoid situations that could be embarrassing or even harmful to the company;
  • Deleting an employee’s account is easy after leaving the company. All you need to do is delete their wechat work account so that they can opt out of your business related chat. It’s an easy way to keep personal information secure;
  • Employees also benefit from using WeChat Tasks. For example, when they use a personal WeChat account for business purposes, they continue to receive business chat notifications even when they are on vacation or on vacation.

Privacy vs Pro Life

WeChat work account allows employees to separate their privacy from their work environment.

On vacation or while on duty, team members can use WeChat Tasks to send automated messages while out of the office or on the go.

WeChat work can be downloaded for free. However, by paying an annual subscription of 300RMB, your account will be verified by WeChat and you will have full access to all available features.

You can find WeChat Work for download in any App Store.

WeChat is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. You can install it on your device just like any other app and start using it right away. However, when you download WeChat Work for the first time, you will have access to limited features.

Can I Use WeChat Work on PC?

WeChat Work also has an application for a PC. It is a cross-platform application that works on major search engines. So, just install the application on your PC. The same goes if you want to use WeChat Tasks on Mac.

How to use WeChat business accounts to improve productivity?

WeChat Work comes with a number of features that are specifically designed to improve the productivity of a business. Consider just a few features that can help you streamline your business operations. For WeChat for Business, you always need to go through the WeChat business process, create an official account, and use the WeChat platform to publish content.

WeChat Work also allows you to organize your contacts into multiple groups and chat with them. Additionally, contacts can be given different permission levels. This segmentation makes communication more efficient and helps you control who has access to what information.

in conclusion

Tencent has worked hard again with this application specially designed for the professional sector. It optimizes performance while securing company data. An indisputable asset to a company. Hence the supremacy of WeChat in the daily life of Chinese is confirmed!

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