No one else likes! Instagram and Facebook hide counters!

After conducting several tests for some time, Instagram officially announced that all users on Instagram and Facebook can now hide the number of likes from followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Users decide what is best for them

While Facebook realized how frustrated some people (especially the makers) were at not having an alternative, it took almost two years to roll out the feature.

Now, instead of removing likes entirely, Instagram lets users decide what’s best for them, giving them the option to hide their likes counter or not.

The decision to give people a choice – rather than impose something on them – was the result of several consultations with creators and experts. Opinions received were mixed, as some found it annoying not to look at the number of likes, especially “to get an idea of ​​what’s trending or popular”, others found it very beneficial.

After testing various variations of the feature before 2019, Instagram and Facebook officially launched the option to hide likes in May 2021.

Users and content creators on Instagram can toggle the number of likes and views on posts on or off. This means that you can choose not to see these counters when scrolling through your own feed, and you can choose whether to allow the display of other post likes. These are configured through two different settings, providing greater flexibility and control.

  • Tap on the Menu option in the lower right corner of the app;
  • Click “Settings & Privacy” under News Feed Settings (or News Feed Preferences on desktop);
  • Click “Hide reactions” to turn off this setting for both your own posts and other people’s posts in News Feed, Groups, and Pages.

This feature is made available for both public and private profiles, and will include posts you have just posted on these social networks.

The feature is rolling out in the United States starting this week, but will roll out worldwide in the coming weeks.

How to activate the feature on Instagram?

You may see a new option that takes you straight to the new settings. if not then in instagram

  • Go to your profile > three-line icon
  • Settings > Privacy
  • Publications > Hide number of likes and views

To hide the number of likes for your own post on a per post basis:

  • Tap the three-dot icon on a post
  • Select Hide number of likes

You can also hide the likes and views of your posts right before you share a new post:

  • Tap Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen
  • At the top, select Hide likes on this post and Show count

The feature is rolling out in the United States starting in May, but will roll out worldwide in the coming weeks.

Note that users will still have access to their number of likes and views, even if they are hidden from others. The decision to hide the same number from all or some of the messages is also not permanent. Users can choose to restore the choice at any time if they wish.

Source: Instagram

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