No more “inappropriate or mean” comments on TikTok?

As part of the fight against bullying, TikTok recently launched a window designed to warn users before posting negative comments that may be “inappropriate or mean”…

This new “filter all comments” feature is intended to “boost cuteness” on the social platform so that these comments show up only when personally approved. New alert “Would you like to reconsider publishing this article?” It seems that if TikTok feels that a comment may violate their community’s policies. The platform then encourages users to “edit” or “publish anyway”.

Such features have been explored by other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to reduce bullying and harassment. A “promising” initiative, according to Instagram, as the social network found that this type of nudge can encourage people to reconsider their words when given the opportunity.

As a reminder, Instagram posted similar prompts in 2019, so did Facebook, because comments on Facebook ads can kill your sales! On Twitter, they were in the testing phase since last year. Last September, the social network announced that it was exploring filters and limit controls on Tweets. Filters and limits, as shared by Twitter creator Paula Barcante, will deftly mask offensive or hurtful responses or prevent repeat offenders from responding.

Twitter will detect whether you have received negative responses and then prompt you to activate the filter. “If you have enabled the filter, potentially dangerous replies to your tweets will not be shown to you or anyone else.” When the filter is enabled, accounts with a history of offensive or “repeating and uninvited” Tweets will not be allowed to reply to Tweets.

To enable “Filter all comments” on TikTok:

  • From your “For You” feed, access your profile by selecting the corresponding button in the lower right corner of your screen;
  • Access your profile settings by selecting the three dots at the top right of your screen;
  • Enter your “Privacy and Security” parameters by selecting the corresponding button;
  • Select the new feature ‘Filter comments’;
  • Activate the option ‘Filter by keywords’;
  • Now you can enter any keywords you want to filter on your videos as comments. These comments will be hidden accordingly;
  • Exit the menu by selecting the arrow at the top left of your screen;
  • Once enabled, creators must manually approve individual comments before they can appear at the bottom of their videos.

As part of the announcement, TikTok also announced its partnership with the Cyberbullying Research Center, to build out the anti-bullying initiative.

TikTok launches new #CreateKindness campaign

To continue fighting online bullying, TikTok launched #CreateKindness in June 2021. The new campaign features a series of animated videos produced by several TikTok creators, with the aim of telling their real and personal stories through the application.

Using their distinctive animation styles and voices, and revealing themselves at the end of the video, these producers send an important message: Behind every account is a real human being who deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Is.

TikTok also launched the #CreateKindness hashtag challenge to encourage users to “share heartwarming moments and comments that inspire you to spread kindness.”

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