New visual identity focused on digital at Burger King

It’s the first time in more than 20 years! Burger King is updating its visual identity, balancing its legacy while moving towards an increasingly digital future…

Burger King follows the 2021 web design trend

To follow one of the marketing trends of 2021 and grow its brand, Burger King has introduced a new visual design that will be deployed at all points of contact with consumers.

This new visual identity will thus be reflected on packaging, menu boards, uniforms, decorations, social networks and other digital and marketing assets to develop your brand.

Thus its logo becomes more minimalistic and trendy following the 2021 web design trend.

An essential digital marketing strategy in times of crisis

Burger King saw store sales decline 7% in the third quarter of 2020. Visual refresh and digital prioritization can thus help the chain in mitigating this fallacy, a necessary marketing shift in times of crisis.

Like many big brands, the fast food giant has revamped its visual appearance, especially with the pandemic a necessity for marketers looking for relevance and notoriety.

“Design is one of the most essential tools we have in describing who we are and what we value, and it plays a vital role in creating our catering desire and maximizing the customer experience.”, explains Rafa Abreu, global design manager at parent company Restaurant Brands International.

A good web design is essential

When developing an integrated marketing strategy for your brand, good web design is essential. The standard for designing advertising campaigns or even websites is no longer just function or visibility. it’s all in the details It determines how the user will engage with your brand.

From layout to color, these essential elements work together to create a digital tool that, when used strategically, can Dramatically improve digital marketing campaigns.

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