New video playback speed on Twitter soon?

Twitter has revealed that the social network is currently testing variable playback speeds for video content, as well as voice tweets posted on its app.

Twitter is testing variable video and audio playback speeds

At the end ? According to an official tweet from the company on February 8, Twitter is testing video playback speed options on Android and the web.

Note that Twitter has been working on its motion options for a few months, with reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong first seeing them during a test in September 2021.

The new playback speed options will offer a range of different settings to choose from, so you can customize your viewing experience. During the trial period, some users on Android and the web will be able to choose from a range of speeds from 0.25x for slow reading and up to 2x for fast reading. A total of eight different speed options are available in 0.25x increments.

Simply put, the option is available via a gear icon at the top of the screen while watching a video. To view speed options:

  • Tap this icon;
  • Select your desired speed.

Is this feature necessary?

If you’re unfamiliar with this feature, this technology, deployed by both Twitter and YouTube, ensures that people speaking in fast videos retain their original tone. They will not look like they have taken a sip of helium. Content playing at lower speeds also retains the pitch of the original sound, although the speaker may sound a bit edgy.

Note that this feature is also available on WhatsApp. It had proposed an update that would allow users to listen to voice messages on WhatsApp at different speeds. Thus the fast playback function speeds up the message for the recipient to reduce the listening time for long voice messages.

With decreasing attention span and short videos, content becoming more widely used and one of the new challenges and challenges of video marketing, more and more people are increasingly looking to watch longer videos. And Speeding up reading can be useful if you have a little free time or if the person in the video speaks a little too slowly for your liking.

Like YouTube, Twitter can be a great source of marketing material via video, whether you’re trying to learn a new skill or immerse yourself in a new industry. The only problem is that sometimes these videos are long, very long, sometimes exceeding an hour, especially on Youtube.

Instead of jumping from one part of a video to another and hoping to miss some important information, you can instead speed up these videos and have all the information in no time. in parallel, A slow reading speed can come in handy if you can’t catch an important word at a fast pace.

For Twitter, this announcement is therefore the first live test. And while it’s not currently available on iOS, it’s likely that the app will expand the functionality soon.

To be continued…

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