New Updates for YouTube Studio

YouTube has announced a slew of new updates for YouTube Studio, including desktop dark mode, hashtag autocomplete suggestions, and more!

YouTube Studio, much more than a control dashboard

YouTube keeps revising its products to make it easier for content creators to publish. However, whether you frequently or periodically post videos to YouTube, you must have used YouTube Studio.

YouTube Studio is much more than a control dashboard. This makes it easy for creators to manage their channel through a dashboard. A “must” for any content creator. To access this tool, simply click on its icon in the top right and tap on the option ‘YouTube Studio’.

You’ll see that you can manage everything related to your channel in the left column of the sidebar:

  • content
  • reading lists
  • Analytics. As an alternative, you have the Go To Channel Analytics option in the lower right corner of the Studio Dashboard.
  • notes
  • sub headline
  • copyright
  • monetization
  • Customization
  • audio library

The main uses you’ll find with YouTube Studio will be to manage your video’s settings in relation to how it appears on YouTube, and use analytics to gain insight into your content’s performance and ways to improve it .

YouTube Studio now offers several features that give you more flexibility when posting videos. It also provides many updates.

dark mode for youtube studio

If you are a fan of Dark Mode, then there is good news! YouTube has confirmed that it is now available on the web version of YouTube Studio for all users.

This new update introduces an alternate color scheme for your dashboard, which is more pleasing to the eye in certain situations while giving your app a fresh look. You can access it in YouTube Studio’s settings.

hashtag autocomplete suggestions

YouTube also launched a new “autocomplete hashtag suggestion” option in the video upload process. It shows not only the possible hashtags you can add based on the text you enter, but the number of uses of each tag on the platform to optimize your social media strategy and maximize the reach of your content. But also gives a lot of information.

The new lists display both:

  • The number of videos using each hashtag in its description or title;
  • Wires attached to each tag.

The update is already available on mobile and desktop.

A new “mention” tab

Plus, YouTube has added a new “Mentions” tab to the comments inbox, to help YouTube content creators track any mentions they have on the app. The new tab also makes sure your comments and mentions are separate, which will help you manage each specific item.

This information is updated in real time on iOS and Android, and aligns the app with the desktop version of YouTube Studio. These are some simple updates, which are not game-changing in themselves. But these are small changes that are clearly useful as part of your YouTube content strategy.

Source: YouTube

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