New trends in the era of Kovid-19

The advent of COVID-19 has revolutionized our use of digital technology, offering a new window of opportunity for digital advertising. TV, e-commerce, social networks… the French are more in front of their screens than ever before, susceptible to advertising messages and cut off from human contact. What if gifts were the solution? Online communication, intangible and sometimes invasive, actually complements advertising items such as physical media. In this era of social distancing, companies must find the energy to reach out to consumers to please, reassure and reaffirm their social status.

Why are Goods Still Necessary in 2021?

In an ultra-digital world, advertising material remains an invaluable means of communication to gain visibility while controlling your marketing budget.

Advertising items, an essential visibility lever

showing record recall rate Goodies remains the most popular communication vector for French, with over 75% of all media. Cause ? A less intrusive promotional item than digital advertising brings real added value by embodying the message. Considered as a gift, it is actually a symbol of a concrete and personal mark of attention to your interlocutor. Prospects, customers, employees, partners… Advertising aims to revitalize your corporate communications for everyone. In addition to reaching all audiences, it has the advantage of being able to be stored, used or broadcast. result? This makes it possible to establish a solid and lasting link for guaranteed visibility over the long term!

Promote your brand image at low cost

Displays advertising items, accessible to all budgets Ultra competitive cost per contact, Do you want to explore massive possibilities to grow your clients? Deliver gifts like essential advertising pens or a personalized bag of seeds at low prices! Promotional items, economical and easily deliverable, represent a profitable investment To provide great benefits to your business. Much less expensive than traditional communication channels, they are very interesting media in many aspects: visibility, incentive to purchase, position, perceived image… Carefully chosen, they alone cover all issues related to your company’s notoriety. We do.

Advertisement item in the era of Kovid-19

More than a communication medium, corporate gifts have become a solution to meet health challenges. Sentinel: Protect and assure while giving pleasure.

Corporate gifts to reinforce barrier gestures

To adapt to the new behaviors associated with the coronavirus pandemic, new types of corporate gifts have emerged in the daily lives of employees. custom masks, hydro-alcoholic gels, security kits, contactless key rings, etc. Advertising items associated with the medical community are becoming more democratic to reinforce respect for barrier gestures and thus limit the spread of the virus, especially in the workplace where the risk of transmission is high.

Provided by the employer, COVID Goods is setting itself as the new benchmark in ensuring the safety of employees and those around them. From offices to supermarkets via public transport, the visibility power of COVID goods shows they have a role to play Employer brand evaluation, Personalized with your mannequin, they add security and visibility to communicate in times of health crisis.

Antibacterial: the gift of the original new generation

Proof that advertising goods are constantly renewing themselves, traditional communication media such as pens, notebooks or advertising mugs are now on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. how? ‘ or ‘ what? Thanks to an antibacterial agent, injected directly into the material, and effective throughout the life of the product: silver ions. This technological innovation, Which makes it possible to inhibit the cellular activity of microbes, prevent their spread on the surface of objects to prevent it from being a vector of bacterial diseases. Want to prepare for the post-Covid period? to distribute antibacterial gift To your customers, employees or partners for establishing your image as an innovative company!

original antibacterial gift

restore human contact for good

Bringing people together in the age of social distancing: This is the purpose of the advertising object that provides companies with the possibility to maintain relationships with their employees and customers.

Telework gifts for reconnecting with employees

Teleworking needed after companies became a rule to guarantee social distancing maintain social bonds To break the separation of allies. The absence of physical meetings, team lunches and other daily events is another reason to pamper your employees. To make up for the lack of relationships, there is only one solution: corporate gifts! Personalized stationery, hi-tech accessories, office supplies, computer bags… In addition to offering a framework conducive to productivity by equipping your teleworkers, these short meditations make it possible to satisfy a basic need for human interaction. a Homemade personalized gift box Reminding you of your presence by their side will make all the difference in front of a new videoconferencing!

Bring Something Solid to Virtual Events

Trade shows, conferences, seminars … Since the advent of COVID-19, all physical events have been postponed or canceled to limit the risk of new infectious outbreaks. To bounce back, the corporate events sector has therefore gone digital, especially with the trend of Virtual Fairs and Webinars, Only downside: Lack of physical presence, which is often needed to approach new customers, train employees, or challenge their teams. Advertising gifts, as a tangible item, allow you to bring something tangible to your virtual events. Slipped into an envelope and offered by mail before your events, it surprises, invites, first contact to launch your virtual event under the best aegis!

Mailing gifts to personalize customer relationships

Postal mail is not dead, on the contrary! In the age of digital and dematerialisation, advertising commodity Re-establishes real contact Thank you for a solid, solid and above all personal support. Even more interesting in the context of social distancing, promotional items for mailing Allow us to maintain the spirit of “the joy of giving, the joy of receiving” while ensuring respect for barrier gestures. Promotional pencils, microfiber wipes, webcam covers… Opt for lightweight, compact and sturdy gifts with a personalized message!

Ecological gifts to reaffirm your commitments

A true messenger of CSR strategy, ecological advertising items find a special resonance with the masses, who are increasingly committed to environmental causes.

Will the goods be eco-responsible or not

Change society: According to a study by YouGov for Society, this is the desire of 87% of French people since imprisonment. If environmental destruction was already a major concern before the health crisis, its association with the pandemic accelerated new hopes of the people in the context of sustainable development. Ecological goods, whether made from natural, recycled or biodegradable materials, are more essential than ever to promote your position with your target audience. Stainless steel water bottle, organic cotton T-shirt, vegetable-based plastic pens… are enough for an environmentally responsible gift, vector of a strong message to understand For your communication by object.

Ad item made in France: Closest

More sensitive to environmental approach since health crisis, French now grant of particular importance to the local, This collective desire to limit the carbon footprint and support French companies shows that the trend is towards advertising objects made in France! Plants, pens, gourmet baskets… To give a positive vision of your brand, choose advertising gifts. you have made One that will respond in a tangible way to the new requirements of your target.

A media to support tomorrow’s world?

A year after the start of the health crisis, the advertising object once again proved its ability to adapt to new behaviors. More useful than ever for making people happy and bringing them together, it marks the beginning of a return to fundamentals accelerated by environmental awareness. An omen of a bright future for ecological good?

Author: Cindy Palout, Cadoetic – LinkedIn.

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