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Born in 2010, Bleem is rapidly establishing itself as a benchmark in digital and cross-channel marketing strategies. This little technology, so cool, you’ll agree, was born in Toulouse and will revolutionize your marketing practices and your communication campaigns. Without further ado, here is the presentation of this new tool at the service of digital marketing…

What is Blum in a few words?

It is a patented, unique and innovative technology of the new generation of 3D tags. BLEEM – this interactive logo – is available on all types of media (textile, paper, screen, etc.) and works even in disturbed conditions: over or under-exposure to light, distant or biased perspective, blurring of shake, focus blur, Partial occult and so on…

To better understand its performance, here are two examples: for a blemish 5 cm in diameter, it can be detected and read at a distance of about 4 meters; For a 30 cm diameter blum we go 10-12 m. And that’s not all: a blum from 10 millimeters can already be made and worked out. No practise?

Also note that the mobile application is available on all download platforms: iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry. I suggest you to live the scanning experience without any delay by downloading the Ubleam application.

User Experience by Blim

Twitter_Loic_GastardAs you have understood, BLIM is a simple and friendly way to create a link between a physical medium and a digital medium. This “call to action” is interesting in that the smart logo is extremely customizable (some examples of smart logos on this Pinterest board), but not only… on Ubleam (the start up that has accumulated mobile web technology), The user is really rewarded.

You and I were all disappointed that one day trying to scan a 2D tag (QRcode, Flash code) and got nothing in return: Scanning difficulties, loading times, sometimes a dead or non-existent link, short . That time is over!

Technology development and user experience are at the heart of the concerns of young start-ups. New experiments are constantly emerging.

For what use?

Example of use by bleem: geolocation of scan
Example of use by bleem: geolocation of scan

All right, let’s talk about it!

They are too many, I will probably let you complete the list in the comments, but here we can note: packaging, POS, social media, product sheets, medals for pets, scan documents after entering address mail at time Recovery, reservation, promotion, posting blemishes in education, business card, app download, site redirect, win moment, scratch card on mobile, geolocation, traceability, access management, loyalty card, brochure etc.

The possibilities are limitless.

Advantages of Blum

statisticsAgain, making an exhaustive list is a difficult exercise. Here are the advantages I’ve seen: increased user experience, great potential for personalization, “branded” views in brand image, promise of content, mobile marketing opportunities, fluid and transparent scanning experience, Blum export in HD, a 3D tags 5 times more efficient, multi-media integration, free, universal and scalable technology, great possibilities for individual creation of figures by Blum via the “Blum Manager” web interface, a single application for reading Blum and QRcodes, Data collection and analysis, etc.

In addition, bleam has an unlimited lifetime and it is possible to reconfigure the redirection link at any time! Interesting, isn’t it?

What does the future hold for Ubleam start-ups?

In a word ? I’d say hopeful.

In March 2011, the start-up was created and thanks to its technology, OSEO became the regional winner of the award.

In December 2012, Ubleam raised over half a million euros in funding from French private investors. Then came an R&D and marketing team.

2013 is a challenging year. Winning the 2013 Digital Economy Trophy in the Innovation category is a springboard that allows start-ups to target the international market. Social stigma was born. In November, the number of scans exceeded the symbolic mark of 100,000!

The end of 2013 promises to be grand: Ubleam will participate in LEWEB’13 and unveil its innovation of augmented reality embedded exclusively in Bleam (the technology will be integrated first in iOS, then in WindowsPhone and Android in 2014) .

The start-up relies on Leweb’13 to access the financing needed for its commercial launch: “Our first market response shows a strong attraction for the product we want to launch. At LeWeb13 we aim to launch new ones in 2014.” To raise funds is to attract investors,” explains Olivier Majoroba, co-founder of Ublim.

To satisfy “early adopters”, 1,000 invitations will be distributed to the preview during the program to test the private beta.

more information ?

Go to the start-up website.

Thank you :

For the information given to Ms. Jeniton.

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