New Snapchat Ads Manager Certification

With 16.6 million daily active users, 22 million monthly users in France, Snapchat is one of the most used social networks among Generation Z and Millennials, a significant part of the consumer market. Therefore the application is a platform that should not be underestimated to grow your business. Want to showcase your knowledge of Snap ads? Snapchat Offers Official Certification to Digital Marketers and Community Managers…

Practice based first certification

While TikTok launched a new e-commerce university, the Facebook Community Manager program from Facebook is now available worldwide. And now it’s Snapchat’s turn to present its first practice-based certification as part of its Snap Focus advertising training.

Last year, Snapchat introduced Snap Focus, its educational platform built specifically for marketers. At the time, Snap Focus included six courses to help you earn your first Snapchat Ads Manager certification:

  • Introduction to Snapchat: What,What is Snapchat, how does the camera work and how do people view content;
  • Snapchat Generation: This section presents details on Snapchat’s “why” and user values ​​and behaviors;
  • Ads on Snapchat: How to achieve results, ensure brand safety and measure results;
  • First Steps on Ads Manager: This section covers how to design and publish campaigns, ad sets, ads;
  • Creative best practices: This section provides details on best practices, collection ads, filters and goals;
  • Measure and optimize campaigns: This section presents customization, information, and reporting options.

Now, to help them move forward and leverage their advertising tools more effectively, Snapchat introduces its new certification on Snap Focus that helps you with practical exercises to plan, create and launch campaigns. Allows you to apply acquired skills. Successful on Snapchat”.

Snapchat Ads Manager Training Program

It offers several training courses on how to:

  • Develop comprehensive media plans
  • Study audience information
  • Enable cross-channel measurement.

The certification offers a self-paced, five-module program to develop skills and gain a better understanding of the tools and workflows needed to launch campaigns on Snapchat Ads Manager.

Certification includes five key elements, each offering its own lesson plan:

  • Get Complete Results with Snapchat: Create a Comprehensive Media Plan to Achieve Your Campaign Goals
  • Win Auction Bids: Specify a distribution target, budget limit, and bid strategy to win bids at auction based on your budget, target, and KPI;
  • Reach your audience: Learn how to use Audience Insights to create audience segments, collect useful information, and drive additional segments
  • Enable cross-channel metering: Create action-based audience segments using the Snap Pixel, Snap App ID and API Conversions and track post-advertising conversions on your website or app, or in-store;
  • Start a split test campaign: Learn how to create a split test campaign from start to finish in Ads Manager.

Each module lasts approximately 30 minutes. A final exam and a questionnaire have to be completed at the end to earn certification.

If you have a good command of English, this could be another way to give you a head start over the competition by becoming an expert in Snapchat and more broadly in digital marketing and social networks.

If you need training in this area, we also offer your web marketing training with a social media strategy component to qualify for CPF and certifications.

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