New Ramadan Marketing Guide

With more than 2 billion people celebrating Ramadan around the world this month, it could present a significant opportunity for marketers. Facebook has realized this and shares many tips based on new marketing data and new digital buying behavior…

Facebook recently commissioned YouGov to survey more than 17,000 people to collect information about how they plan to celebrate Ramadan this year, from April 13 to May 12, 2021, and What could be the effect of this. Week.

Here’s an overview of some of the key points to study to guide your marketing campaign during this period.

1. The Rise of E-commerce

Facebook describes the impact of COVID-19 on user experiences during Ramadan with different shopping behaviors due to persistent health restrictions. this indicates Strong growth in e-commerce throughout the season. The demand for shoppers to browse and shop securely online is greater than ever.

Most of the Ramadan trackers/buyers surveyed:

  • 42% spent less time shopping in stores during Ramadan/Eid due to COVID-19;
  • 51% spent more time online shopping during the season due to COVID-19;
  • They are 3 times more likely to feel more secure when using their mobile to shop instead of in-store.

The social network thus provides an opportunity for brands to work on online ordering options, while more effectively targeting their prospects using Facebook’s advertising tools.

2. Facebook Live Marketing Campaign

Always with hygiene restrictions, virtual connection option Correspondents are on the rise compared to physical stores and can be a real force for your digital marketing campaigns. Facebook also offers practical case studies on Facebook Live to virtually engage with the public as part of a marketing campaign.

For example, find out how Maybelline Vietnam archives a 13-point increase in ad recall using branded content from creators via Facebook Live.

3. Increase in purchases through mobile marketing

The guide also presents a number of figures.Using Mobile Marketing Is More Necessary Than Ever, and data on peak purchases during this period.

Most of the Ramadan trackers/buyers surveyed:

  • 48% Almost half said they spend more time using their mobiles during this period;
  • More people are using mobile to search, find and buy items;
  • 8 out of 10 people say they use their mobiles while watching TV, including Gen X and Baby Bommers
  • Respondents are 1.14 times more likely to spend on global cross-border products.

Why is this important for marketers?

Daily behavioral changes affect buying behavior – and this creates sales opportunities for brands. From meal planning for family reunions to buying new clothes for social occasions, buying luxuries and booking trips, there has been a growth in many areas. By crafting your social media strategy around the event, you prove that you understand your customers with content formats and themes that add value to their lives.


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