New application to deal fatal blow to Twitter?

Bad news for Twitter! Meta is not useless to compete with other social networks in the world. Its latest innovation: P92 Meta, This text-based content app powers a variety of decentralized social media apps competing with Twitter and Mastodon…

A new free text-centric application

A new application may soon join the Meta family, while the technology conglomerate already has 3 billion users every day, According to Moneycontrol, the social media conglomerate will actually be working on a free text-centric application, reminiscent of a short messaging service with tweets.

His new project, the P92 Meta, a Text-centric stand-alone application that must support ActivityPub. It is an open and decentralized protocol for the social network on which Mastodon is also based.

Meta explains:

“We are exploring an autonomous decentralized social network for sharing text updates. We believe there is an opportunity for a separate space where creators and public figures can share timely updates about their interests »

Enough to trouble Twitter and Mastodon!

As Twitter has been declining in popularity since Elon Musk’s acquisition in October 2022, millions of users have migrated to Mastodon, an open-source, distributed and decentralized social network via ActivityPub within Fedverse. In its simplest form, it’s like email in that you choose your email provider, but you can email anyone on any other email service or app.

It is therefore fundamentally different from mainstream social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, monolithic structures where everything happens inside a closed space. Benefit? You can easily sign up without having to verify and select a server “instance”.

Decentralized social network based on Instagram branded text

For an early version of the app, the P92 team intends to adoptforking approach, i.e. a “twist”, a technical development built from the source code of existing software. User profiles will use their pre-existing Instagram account details such as:

  • User name;
  • Biography;
  • profile picture ;
  • Member.

However, the application will Completely separate Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Which are specifically related to sharing data between applications. Also, they will respect the existing privacy policy of the company.

Why launch this app now?

“The plan for now is that the MVP (minimum viable product) will definitely allow our users to broadcast messages to people on other servers. It should also allow our users to track and view people’s content on other servers May or may not. said a source.

For now, the app’s roadmap is for an MVP (minimum viable product) so users can share posts with people on other servers.

Its initial version will offer a range of features including:

  • usernames and biographies;
  • verification badge;
  • Shareable images and videos.
  • actionable links in posts with previews;

However, it is not certain whether the first version will include commenting and instant messaging features for conversations, which is not the case with the subscribers and likes features. Additionally, business and creator accounts can share content like Twitter.

Instagram manager Adam Mosseri, who is leading this new project, told the platformer that it is still unclear when the new app will be released. Nevertheless, the company is already involving the legal department to get hold of early privacy issues before the app goes public.

Community Manager, Developer, Marketer… So stay tuned! If the project is successful, it could become a new platform to increase engagement.

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