Music Videos in Facebook Comments!

Have you noticed a new pop-up on Facebook? The social network is currently testing a feature that can certainly be unanimous: put music in their Facebook comments…

A new feature in the testing phase on Facebook

Expert Matt Navarra regularly shows us interesting tests and updates on various social networks. This time, they spotted a test on Facebook that allows you to add music clips to your comments.

You will be able to promote artists or listen to different pieces of music in the comments of the application.

The feature isn’t really new to the apps, as it’s similar to adding music to stories not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram for iOS or Android.

Pretty similar feature on Facebook and Instagram stories

From 2018, it’s possible to add music to your videos and your photos on your stories and posts via stickers. For this :

  • Open the Facebook app;
  • To create a story, tap your Page’s profile picture;
  • Tap to take a photo or record a video. You can also choose a video or photo from the media library;
  • In the top right, tap Stickers then Music;
  • Then select a song and drag the slider to select a clip within the song;
  • Choose a display style and then press Done;
  • Once a song is added to your photo or video, you can tap to change the style;
  • To finish, tap Share Now or Share to Story.

With this feature, several pieces of information are presented: the song’s title and name as well as artist photos, albums, and other images.

To share your current hits with your friends, you can also pin a song to the top of your profile, or “Add a song – which you are currently listening to or your favorite track – to your profile dedicated to music”. in a new section”. to Facebook.

Build more links with the community

The idea is largely identical with the new feature discovered by Matt Navarra this month of April 2022: Music will appear in comments.

Just like with your stories, you can search for tracks by tapping the music note icon on the right side of the comment panel. You can also submit a snippet of the song, which can be used to provide context for your comments and connect others to new artists/music, and so ultimately Build more connections with the community.

Who knows, this new feature might help him more Increase user engagement Because it can be useful in some situations. It will also be an opportunity to get closer to its younger audience, as the figures on Facebook are not really in the green.

In fact, the company registered Loss of one million daily users in the last 18 years Site launch. Its financial results rose to 1.929 billion in the three months to December, up from 1.93 billion at the end of the previous quarter.

At first glance, it’s not certain if this will become the new GIF, but there could still be some interesting uses. So the feature is still worth testing out when it becomes available to everyone to see what it looks like and what you can do with it.

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