More control over your mentions with this new feature

Remember, back in April, Twitter began testing a new feature that allows users to opt out of conversations they don’t want to be a part of. The new feature is now available…

Twitter fights harassment

Twitter, which has about 217 million daily active users, has long been under pressure to do more to combat bullying. The platform has been criticized for being a “toxic place” especially for women.

A 2018 study by Amnesty International and Element AI found that on average, women journalists and politicians received “abusive” or “problematic” tweets every 30 seconds.

To help combat abuse and harassment on the platform, Twitter announced the launch of “Unmenting” for all users across devices. As the name suggests, it literally lets you leave a conversation on Twitter permanently.

What does “unmanufacturing” provide?

To display a notification to “Leave this conversation,” simply select the three-dot menu next to a tweet.

Leaving the conversation will sign you out of Replies, although your username will still be visible. When you unsubscribe from a Tweet, your Twitter handle will turn gray, indicating that you have removed yourself from the conversation and cannot be reinstated in the thread.

Not mentioning yourself will also disable notifications. So you will no longer receive notifications, but you will still be able to see the conversation.

Other anti-harassment features available on Twitter

In the same vein, Twitter continues to test ” Security Mode Launched in September 2021, this beta feature aims to automatically block trolls from appearing in your Twitter feed. It imposes a 7-day block on accounts that use potentially dangerous language on Twitter, including Insults or repeated replies and mentions are included.

In the first limited trial, the company is making it available to around 50% of users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand since February.

Another anti-abuse feature on Twitter gives users the ability to specify who can reply to a tweet. Available from 2020, this feature allows users to choose one of three options:

  • Everyone ;
  • the people you follow;
  • Only the people you mention.

If you choose one of these, the reply feature will be grayed out for anyone who doesn’t match the answer. They can view, like, and retweet a post, but they won’t be able to reply directly to the sender. The flow itself will recognize that the reactions are limited.

Over the past few months, Twitter has added a number of security tools, including tweet audience controls, “Circles” for more closed tweet discussion, and communities.

Especially with “Unmentioning”, you will now be able to control your mentions and whenever you want a conversation you don’t want to join. The feature is supported on all platforms and devices, including iOS, Mac, and Twitter for the web.

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