Mobile Marketing, More Necessary Than Ever

As smartphones have invaded the daily lives of consumers, a new form of marketing has been created and today it has become essential in any communication strategy. The statistics are revealing: As of 2018, connections on mobile devices represented 54% of global Internet traffic, compared to 46% for connections on computers. And the use of smartphones and tablets to connect is increasing year by year.

Thus companies are forced to develop a mobile first strategy. In fact, it has now become necessary to base most of the efforts and investments on mobile interfaces. From responsive design to building mobile apps, find out how and why you need to embrace mobile marketing.

Knowing which competent professional to entrust your communication strategy with can be difficult in the face of the multitude of existing digital agencies. However, mobile marketing is an important issue for the success of your business. Professional networking platforms are the perfect solution to address this. Actually, thanks to the marketing agency found on the connecting platform, you will be able to reach a large audience, Establish your brand image and grow your business Immediately. connection will allow you Find a Trusted Professional Quickly Which completely meets your needs and requirements. Whatever field you wish to find an agency in, you will find trusted and specialized professionals: Brand Content, Editorial Communications, Design, Market Research and Consulting, Visual and Voice Recognition, Social Media Marketing, SEO/SEA Specialists, Advertising, Press Relations, Influential Marketing…

Use a networking platform

The role of networking platforms on the web is to connect companies to agencies or specialized companies. Their intervention will help the individual find the service provider they need beforehand. So this platform will help you in terms of mobile marketing. find a communications agency Specialization in Mobile Marketing.

Going through a service provider like this will save you time (essential for a business manager), to focus your efforts on your projects, and to quickly find a communications agency that is most relevant. submits a proposal. according to your needs, your activity and your budget. You will also benefit from humanitarian assistance at each stage: creating your brief, defining your needs or even selecting the agency to delegate your project.

Using the matchmaking site is very straightforward. For those of you who are looking for a mobile marketing agency, you can view and compare the various offers on the site. Thus you have a concise . will have access to Presentation of each agency, its skills, achievements and projects that have already been done, its previous clients… Your choice will be spoiled in terms of services offered, prices… and even you can have an opinion on the quality of services offered by a professional.

Importance of mobile marketing

With the rise of digital and e-commerce, companies today have access to a much larger market. Also, Internet users are spending more and more time on their mobile phones to do their research and purchases. From now on, 93% of French people have a mobile and 71% have a smartphone, Developing a mobile marketing strategy with the help of a professional you’ve met allows you to broaden the scope of your communications and grow your business, thanks to a networking platform focused on communication.

What is Mobile Marketing?

mobile marketing set Strategies adopted to harness the growing use of smartphones and tablets By Consumers: Responsive website, specific content adapted to the mobile format, a sales path that meets the needs of mobile users, etc.

Mobile marketing offers a very wide choice of distribution channels in the name of just electronic messaging, SMS messaging, integrated advertising in applications, etc. broadcast a personal message and announcements optimized for mobile use (time, location, etc.).

mobile access

Currently, there is a wide variety of competitively priced smartphones and tablets in the market. More efficient, faster and smaller, they offer many possibilities for users, especially with regard to Internet browsing and applications, With the coronavirus pandemic, the use of the Internet, and especially mobile connections, has become more important than ever. The use of smartphones by consumers for information, research and purchases has now increased tenfold.

According to studies, the number of mobile subscribers will reach 5.9 billion in 2025, indicating 71 percent of the world’s population,

Ingredients for Successful Mobile Marketing

The content of mobile marketing can be very diverse according to your needs: opening hours, special offers, a map of your store, news, invitations to join the privilege club, gift cards, events, contact forms…

with mobile app, you can also provide a shopping assistant for consumers to build a more intimate relationship with them. Mobile marketing also makes it possible Personalize the Customer Relationship With various offers: sending reduction coupons, flash sales, contests …

Some Mobile Marketing Methods That Work

Using a business networking platform and a communications agency, you will be able to deploy multiple mobile marketing strategies at once. Here are some that work:

personalized advertising

E-mail One of the best techniques to achieve your goal. In fact, most users consult their e-mails from their smartphones.

competitions are also very effective for promote your brand and encourage purchases. Actually, smartphone and tablet users spend some time playing. Thus you will pique their interest by offering contests for free.

mobile app

The mobile application is another essential point, allowing the company to be present on the user’s smartphone at all times, whether they are connected or not. he has to submit optimum quality And a Practical, ergonomic and fluid use, In addition, a mobile application must satisfy the need to capture the attention of the user. It should be easy to use and offer practical functions: ordering products, making bookings, etc.

Make your site mobile-friendly

native advertising and responsive design At the heart of mobile marketing. Your site essentially needs to be compatible with all interfaces. In fact, the user should get the same performance and similar fluidity of use on a computer as with a mobile.

The integration must be optimal for the ads to appear naturally. Furthermore, the criteria related to User Experience (UI/UX Design) is one of the most important for successful SEO and better Google positioning.

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