Metro 3 poster campaign to optimize finances

The advertising spaces of our public transport network are privileged venues for advertising campaigns of large brands as well as small start-ups. Food, beauty, training… There are many products and services on the posters of metro stations! Related to personal finance solutions or increasing purchasing power, which you may be able to find on your daily commute.

Find 3 examples of poster campaigns in Metro related to investment and finance.

Prato: A Poster Campaign in Metro with a New Brand Identity

The fintech Prato was showcased at Metro to unveil its new visual identity. What to celebrate as it should be the path to the milestone of billions of Euro financed credits!

explicitly stated values

In 4 years, Pretto has become a leader in online mortgage lending. This phenomenal growth has enabled the start-up to raise over one billion euros in loans taken through its brokerage platform in 2020.

The reason for this success? In three words: high standards, pedagogy and philanthropy.

Prato’s mission is to make real estate purchases easier for individuals who often experience the project with a lot of stress and uncertainties. More than a simple online broker, Preto provides its clients with a number of tools to help them optimize their search for financing and help them be better informed. Thus the client is supported by an experienced broker throughout his/her real estate project and not just while negotiating his loan rate!

Thanks to its advanced equipment and large number of cases handled, Preto offers its customers the best possible terms to avail financing in a 100% online experience.

Health Crisis: Investment and Brokerage Opportunity

Prato’s poster campaign took place at a particularly favorable time for real estate investing. Real estate rates charged by banks are actually particularly low, prompting many individuals to cross the threshold of access to property. Add to this the relaxation terms in 2021 compared to 2020, with a maximum debt ratio of 35% (against the first 33%) and we get the ideal reference (or almost) to get started!

If the conditions seem right, getting a mortgage is not that easy. Also, it remains relevant to call a real estate broker to know your borrowing capacity and increase your chances of getting your loan with the best terms.

Swyle: The most useless card in full confinement at the moment.

In May 2021, when most businesses were closed, Swyle Company broadcast its campaign to Metro to introduce its new card, grouping all employee benefits together… not without humor… as in this spectacular ad campaign is in!

A successful campaign with humor

Knowing that the benefits used are primarily used in “non-essential” businesses (restaurants, fashion, leisure, culture, etc.), issuing such a card in complete confinement could prove dangerous.

Rather than wait indefinitely for these businesses to reopen, Swyle has decided to use humor by touting its new smartcard as “the most useless card.” This self-ridiculous poster campaign has struck a chord with consumers: in short, it’s a successful bet!

Smartcard: Centralization of Employee Benefits

What is a swill card? It is a smart card or intelligent card, which brings together all the benefits of the employees on a single device. Instead of having multiple cards or notebooks dedicated to restaurant vouchers, gift vouchers or holiday vouchers, we have a single card that combines all these benefits!

By linking your credit card to your Swill card you can pay for your purchases, including crossing balances, in a single gesture, with or without a contact, either with a physical or virtual card. And since it’s a smartcard, it debits the correct account based on the type of business you’re using your employee benefits for.

Back Market and its “New is Old” Campaign: A Chain to Freedom

Once again Back Markets puts Refurbished in the limelight and fights against planned obsolescence with its new campaign.

franking of new

A pioneer in refurbished, Back Markets offers an alternative to the “tyranny of the new”. More than a simple advertisement for its products, BackMarket is betting on taking a fresh look at the new industry, overconsumption and planned obsolescence by writing a genuine ode to freedom.

Freeing yourself from the tyranny of the new and achieving your freedom requires a new way of consuming: repackaged. The message is delivered by free and colorful characters in their place with the title “new is old”.

an ecological awareness

The tyranny of the new has a dual effect on both the purchasing power of consumers and the environment.

Buying a refurbished device can result in savings of up to 70%, while also significantly reducing the environmental impact of purchasing it. Let’s not forget that a smartphone, for example, is replaced on average every two years, and this has disastrous consequences for the environment. Plastics, rare metals, batteries… so much electronic waste that can be saved by refurbishing!

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