Meta tests new avatar reactions on Instagram stories

Meta accelerates your evolution in the Metaverse! In order to engage users especially those who do not yet use virtual reality, the company has decided to make its avatars more customizable and unique. You can now create your own 3D avatar on Facebook and Messenger, but you can also use Personalized avatars on Instagram stories…

An important part of Meta’s rapid growth in the metaverse is the use of digital avatars in a variety of ways.

Avatar is really trying to turn virtual representations into more common everyday means of interaction. The main platform remains virtual reality, with various users interacting with each other through their cartoon proxies in a fully immersive space.

But Meta wants to allow non-VR (virtual reality) users to interact in the same way that they choose to represent themselves and who become an extension of their personality and appearance.

After introducing avatars to Facebook and Messenger, Meta is now rolling out avatar reactions to Instagram stories to connect more users to these social networks and the web in general.

Now, some users may see a new notification for using “Avatar” or “Emoji” reactions in Stories.

If you select the “Avatar” option, you’ll be prompted to create your own custom avatar character (if you haven’t already). You will then be offered a variety of sticker reactions to suit your character.

to the metaverse

For Meta, it’s another way of encouraging users to create custom personas, which is part of the company’s strategies to make it a more frequent and habitual engagement activity, with the goal that these representations will ultimately help you find yourself online. how to represent.

Then it could be used for a wider range of purposes. The focus is on interactions within the virtual world, or metaverse, but the expanded use of bespoke digital persons will open new avenues for meta to sell virtual products.

Other applications have already taken a step forward in this market. For example, Snapchat already offers a range of company-sponsored items for its Bitmoji avatar characters, allowing users to create their own avatars in Adidas, nike and other famous brands.

It currently costs nothing to dress up your character in these “digital clothing”, but the ultimate expansion of using avatars will certainly increase the demand for exclusive items and customizations, which platforms can charge, Because users want to adopt unique variations that can give them a level of prestige in the virtual realm.

Want to get started and create a 3D avatar on Instagram? This way:

  • Select Account in Instagram Settings;
  • Select an avatar then tap ‘Start’;
  • Choose several criteria that define your avatar: skin color, hair color, body type, face shape, facial hair, accessories, clothing;
  • Tap once all options are selected as desired.

Once your avatar is created, you have the . will have access to a range of Reactions created with your avatarto be published to accompany instagram stories.

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