Messenger Celebrates Valentine’s Day With These New Features

Only a few days left from “Love Party”! To celebrate Valentines Day in style, Messenger has launched some exciting new features…

valentines day on social media

If you run a business, then this year may be your first opportunity to increase your business. Then other important marketing events will follow that you can discover in this social media and marketing calendar 2022.

To capture your target’s attention, you need to come up with an extraordinary proposition and stand out in an extraordinary way. In addition, social networks offer interesting features to exploit every year.

Like every year, social networks celebrate February 14 with great fanfare. Snapchat, for example, celebrated the event in an original way last year. This year, the app also revealed interesting statistics from advertising campaigns during Valentine’s Day. Same thing on Pinterest with creative and original ideas to celebrate February 14th.

Messenger has been talked about this year because the app has decided to launch new features. In the program:

  • new audio features;
  • split the payment;
  • Interactive options on Messenger Kids.

new audio features

For voice messages, Messenger adds new audio features to create the perfect V-Day voice messages for friends and family. To tell them “I love you” and how much we care about them, 1 minute is sometimes not enough. This is why the application has increased the duration of voice messages to 30 minutes.

Plus, Messenger allows you to pause, preview, delete, or continue recording a voice message before it’s sent. With the increasing number of people using the social audio app, especially since the launch of Clubhouse, this update could be a total hit. Although the audio social tools are slightly different, as it is a live two-way exchange, audio messages are clearly used on Messenger.

split payment

Messenger is also adding split bill payments to chat. It is now possible to request that the total payment amount be divided among the members of the chat. Messenger will then allocate the required amount to each user, enabling simplified, cost-free bill splitting through the app for those who have saved their payment information.

Split Payments is now available on iOS and Android devices in the US.

vanish mode

For anyone who wants to take pictures and send them to their other half, Messenger’s Vanish mode allows you to send a message regardless of chat history. This is because the messages disappear after they are viewed and when you leave the chat. In addition to text messaging, it is possible to send memes, GIFs, stickers or vanishing reactions.

To enable Vanish Mode on Messenger:

  • Open an existing thread on your mobile device;
  • swipe up;
  • Swipe up again to return to the normal conversation.

New features on Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids also celebrates Valentine’s Day. The app revealed new illustrations and interactive options to help children participate in the event.

“Starting today, kids can share virtual valentines with approved contacts using new AR effects, photo frames and sticker packs. Try shooting arrows as Baby Cupid, dancing as the Queen of Hearts or add a sweet touch with dazzling heart cheeks.

Plus there are new valentine frames and stickers for Messenger Kids.

The new Valentine’s Day features are now available in Messenger and Messenger Kids, but only in the United States at this time.

Source: Messenger

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