Meeting with Eduardo Beretta, Professional Copywriter

Copywriting has now become an essential skill to stand out from the crowd and achieve business goals with your site and content. To explore this topic, we met Eduardo Beretta, professional copywriter through his copywriting profitable site…

Hello Eduardo, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Sylvain and thanks for inviting me.

My name is Eduardo Beretta. I am a copywriter, magician and founder of the “Copywriting Profitable” site.

What exactly is a copywriter?

Simply put, a copywriter is a copywriter. His job is to write sales texts.

This could be an email, an Internet sales page, the text of a sales video, the text of a Facebook ad, …

My passion and my job as a copywriter is to use words like a magic wand to sell my clients’ products and services.

I call it “put the” word magic At the service of your business”.

Why did you decide to become a copywriter?

It all started when I was 9 years old.

My parents got divorced and it completely devastated me. Over time, I became more and more withdrawn and ended up developing a stutter.

In the end, I freed myself from it thanks to theater and magic.

Thereafter, I became more and more interested in psychology and communication in a broader sense. So much so that I did a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then a master’s degree in communication.

Also, I have attended many seminars and conferences on personal development.

At the time, what attracted me the most was the nonverbal communication and body language.

I knew I wanted to make something in this field, but I didn’t know what. Till the day…

Until that day I learned that it is possible to make a living with a passion, thanks to the Internet.

My decision was made: I wanted to be an infopreneur and build a body language site.

That’s when I started taking web marketing training. And very quickly, I found out about copywriting. which I am today word magic ,

And then one day, I had a (slightly) crazy idea: working for a big name in personal development.

However, at that time, I had no credibility, no experience, no testimony, no diploma, in short, nothing.

I contacted him by sending him a daring, even cheeky email.

I told him this: ” I can write you new sales texts. But not just any text. Text that is more effective and more selling than the text you currently have ,

I offered them my services and made an “irresistible offer”.

Less than 24 hours later, he answers me and says “yes”. That’s how I got my first contract.

What a feeling! Writing sales lessons for one of my mentors and selling personal development programs that could potentially change people’s lives.

I liked it and it inspired me to develop my copywriting skills.

You have created a profitable copywriting site, what can we find on this site? How was this site born?

This site was born out of despair.

Initially, webmarketing was a way for me to complete my project on non-verbal communication.

The more I trained, the more I learned that most webmarketing training courses don’t (or rarely do) talk about copywriting.

They talk about market research, positioning, SEO, content creation, social networks, …

All these points are important. But to make a living from an activity, you need to know how to sell your product or service.

This is where copywriting comes in.

In the end, building a “copyright profitable” site became clear to me.

Today, my mission is to help entrepreneurs, bloggers and infopreneurs write effective sales lessons.

i want to help them word magic in the service of their business.

Not only for them, for their personal lives, but to affect the lives of their clients as well.

At Copywriting Profitable Site, I provide tips, tricks, and techniques for writing effective sales copy.

In short, copywriting is profitable: copywriting, psychology and magic. Everyone was filled with enthusiasm.

On the site, you provide practical guide “7 Steps to Write a Sales Page That Converts”, What can we find in this guide?

In this guide, I give a complete, step-by-step method for writing an effective sales page.

I discuss many topics there. For example: how to overcome the fear of a blank page, how to get your target customer’s attention, the importance of storytelling, response to objections, what should never be done in a sales text, …

I’ve also included a whole chapter on buying psychology. That is to say, the reasons that motivate us to buy the product.

In this chapter, I talk not only about “motivation to buy” but how to actually use buying psychology on a sales page.

And above all, because it’s important to know how to do it while remaining authentic. In other words, how to sell without lying, without exaggerating, remaining natural and without betraying your values.

And can everyone write an effective sales page? I want to say, Is it your guide who gets you started?

For me, writing an effective sales page is like baking a good chocolate cake. It cannot be improved. In both cases, for the result to be good, you need a recipe, a step-by-step method.

And that’s what I give in this guide. Step-by-step method for writing an effective sales page.

Yes, anyone can. With this guide, even a copywriting novice can write an effective sales page.

The guide is 48 pages long and you can download it for free by clicking here. All the steps are explained clearly.

And if someone blocks, all they have to do is send me an email. I will respond to them personally within 48 hours.

Can you give our readers some tips for writing effective sales copy?

Of course Sylvain!

1. Do your research before writing your sales copy. Learn as much as you can about your product, your competition, and your target customer.

The more clear-cut vision you have about your market, the easier it will be to write your text and the more effective it will be.

2. Tell your target customer what exactly your product will do for them. show him result that it will be found with your product. Talk about advantages and disadvantages.

3. Sprinkle “magic words” on your text. For example: result, new, free, money, economy, profit, effective, concrete, now, instant, secret, confession, useful, practical,…

4. Understand that from a psychological point of view, your target customer is afraid of losing their money. He is afraid of bursting. He is afraid that his money might run out.

And that fear can keep him from buying your product.

That is why I invite you to reassure your target customer, and above all, to prove the effectiveness of your product.

Here are some ideas for that:

  • current testimonials;
  • Tell a personal story related to your topic of expertise;
  • Show how your product works;
  • Give money back guarantee.

5. TELL YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER ABOUT THE ACT! Explain what to order. Tell him why he needs to act now. If you don’t give him a good reason to act now, he’ll procrastinate. However, the latter often means never.

Therefore, urge him to act… now.

What if you have one major tip for writing great sales pages?

One of the best tips I’ve come across for writing an effective sales page is to:

Make credible and believable promises to your target customer.

Why this advice?

According to copywriter Gary Benciwenga, the secret to successful sales texts can be summed up in one word: “Reliability”.

And I totally share his point.

To date, most of the web marketers, bloggers and infopreneurs I have seen promise great things.

Speech usually looks like this:

, Apply my great method and you will earn a fortune by working only 4 hours a week. you will see it. It’s simple, quick and easy ,

Problem ? It is not reliable. The promise is too good to be true.

result ? With all these beautiful promises, we have become extremely skeptical and skeptical. So much so that we no longer believe all these promises.

We are in a time of doubt. And when you think about it, it’s normal: There are a lot of scams going around on the net. How many false promises? So many carpet vendors.

So here’s my invitation:

Choose to be different. Instead, choose authenticity, credibility, and genuineness on the ground.

Make credible and believable promises to your target customer. Avoid exaggeration. You don’t have to lie to sell your product.

Remember that the more you exaggerate your promises, the less reliable you are. And the less reliable you are, the lower your sales will be.

In other words, the more you promise your target customer miracles, the less reliable you are. And the less credible you are, the more skeptical your target customer is, the more suspicious they are and the less they will buy.

Make reliable promises and you’ll set yourself apart from most of your competitors who only promise hoops and miracles.

Play the credibility card. Your results will only be more… magical.

A word for the end?

You can have the best product in the world. You can have the most beautiful website in the world. You can put a fortune in Facebook advertising. You can invest thousands of dollars in web marketing training.

could you do all you want,

But if your sales isn’t performing per se, if it’s not effective, if it’s not a salesperson, your sales can literally go up in smoke.

And I’ll go on:

If you don’t know how to effectively sell your products and services, your business is in danger of vanishing.

this is true.

Even if your products are great, without an effective sales page, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. You are not getting the most out of your products.

No product is sold by itself.

That’s why I invite you to learn copywriting.

The more you know about copywriting, the more effective your sales pages will be and the more effective you can use Word Magic for your business.

May the magic of words open up a whole new world for you and bring you the prosperity that you seek.

If you want to know more about Eduardo, find him through his profitable copywriting site.

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