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Marketing automation is taking an increasingly important place in digital strategies. This allows for marketing teams to generate traffic and additional sales without wasting time…

Marketing Automation, Kesaco?

Campaigns are triggered automatically when we talk about marketing automation. For that, it is necessary to create a marketing scenario that will be activated according to more or less complex rules.

When an Internet user meets the criteria already defined in the scenario, the campaign is triggered. This type of marketing already exists and is already widely used in email marketing campaigns. Still little known, the power of marketing automation is also possible in the format of web push notifications!

To show you the power of this tool, here is a list of 6 automated web push notification campaigns. Easy to configure, they will charm you with their performance.

Zoom in on the best automated scenarios to implement in your web marketing strategy, thanks to web push notifications to boost your e-commerce conversions.

Automatic “Welcome Push” Notification

It is possible to create a Welcome Push, just like the welcome email configured when subscribing to the newsletter!

This is one of the easiest automatic notification scenarios to set up! When an Internet user visits your site and subscribes to your web or mobile notifications, you can welcome them and thank them. It is possible to activate this scenario either immediately or with a delay after subscription. This is called the welcome push, as it is the first notification you receive after registration.

In this type of automatic notification, advertisers are usually advised to keep coming back to these Internet users. For example, offering a promotional code or a special welcome offer highlighting a dedicated offer.

Otherwise, it is possible to advise him to go and visit the specific page presenting the most popular offers of the time.

Lacking Inspiration? Take recipes from automated email campaigns that already exist. The main advantage of web push notifications is that it converts 15 times more internet users into customers of your brand than a newsletter!

Automatically relaunch your “Cart Abandonment” by push notification

In France, about 70% of French people have already given up their shopping cart. Many reasons explain this! The first reason for abandonment (60%) is due to extremely high delivery costs. Second, some Internet users just want to know the total price to be paid and take the time to think before buying (58%). (Source: Obviously, unfortunately it is not possible to know in real time the exact reason for abandonment.

This automatic notification is also easy to integrate and offers many benefits. In fact, when an Internet user has left their purchase and subscribes to your notifications before validating their basket, it becomes possible to send them a basket reminder to help them finalize their online purchase.

For example, when you know that delivery costs may be a major barrier to purchase, you can create a promo code that will offer this Internet user the delivery cost. Sometimes it is better to sell a product paying shipping costs, rather than not selling it at all.

If you do not want to generate a promo code, it is quite possible to create a notification that reminds the Internet user that he has items in his basket. Then to encourage him to finalize his purchase.

Here again, let your creativity run free! Analyze recurring reasons for cart abandonment and inform internet users so they can come with you to convert!

automatic thank you notification

Like a thank you email, you can automatically send a web notification to your buyers! It provides several benefits:

Firstly, this notification will reassure the buyer of the confirmation of his purchase. This will then allow you to thank him for placing the order with you. Lastly, you can tell her that she could benefit from a voucher for the next order, for example!

In terms of customer loyalty, the automatic thank you notification raises the bar a lot!

Web push notification to request customer feedback

What if you created a scenario in which a few days after the purchase, an Internet user receives a notification asking for an opinion on his previous purchase?

In recent years, companies, products, after-sales service, etc. have been evaluated. Typically represented with a 0 to 5 star rating, 88% of buyers consult customer reviews before ordering. And think again, reviews don’t have to be 100% positive! Of course, the average has to be good for you to have a better chance of conversion. But what matters most is the number of reviews you get! In addition, if you take the time to respond to negative comments to provide buyers with a solid response, you will assure potential buyers of your integrity and your after-sales service.

Thus, by programming an automatic notification to request a customer’s opinion, You will increase the number of reviews you receive about your business, which will gradually make it more popular!

Recurring Notification for Consumable Products

You know your products well. So you know the average time required for your product to be consumed, and therefore to be redeemed!

Nowadays we work with reminders/alarms a lot. Actually, our life is very busy and our mobile devices help us a lot in planning our days. take the lead! Let your buyers know it’s time to rest at your doorstep.

Take the example of body milk. You know that on average it takes 23 days to empty a tube of milk. therefore, Schedule a notification 20 days after you purchase the bottle to let the buyer know it’s time to buy it back. at your home!

This type of notification works great for consumable products, but can work on other types of products too! For example, for clothing, if an Internet user bought a coat during the winter collection, offer to buy a swimsuit or T-shirt during the summer collection!

Connect your CRM to our API to send personalized automated notifications

Today is Mr X’s birthday. In three days, Mrs. Y will lose her loyalty points… You are able to trace it all to your CRM. Some advertisers – e-merchant; E-retailers – already use email to deliver personalized offers to their customers.

Thanks to web push notification you have the possibility to increase the reach of your message by multiplying the distribution channels! Another important advantage of this format, Web notification appears directly on your visitors’ device and redirects them to your chosen page with one click! This makes the number of clicks on links much higher than on emails!

We just presented 6 automated web push campaigns that you absolutely must configure! Many other scenarios can be imagined. Your imagination is your limit!

Want to know more about web push notifications? Check out this article.

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