Maximize your chances of getting great results and success in your video marketing strategy with 6 principles

Before talking about how to make your video marketing strategy successful, let’s look at what benefits can be expected from a good video marketing strategy:

  • Create a friendly image in the eyes of your customers;
  • Maximize your visibility in your communications;
  • Express your business philosophy;
  • Tell your story and humanize your business;
  • Demonstrate your company’s involvement in your market;
  • anchor your business in the collective consciousness of your customers;
  • Show your strength against the competition and boost morale;
  • Submit and solve a problem in a matter of minutes;
  • Build desire by promoting the benefits of your product/service;
  • Build a strong and recognizable brand image;
  • Invite your audience to a specific action (buy, subscribe, share, etc.).

These benefits are valid regardless of your field of activity.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

And the list is not exhaustive!

To benefit from all these benefits, it is necessary to take into account the 6 principles of influence that govern all our choices, described in the works of Dr. Robert Cialdini, professor of social psychology at Arizona State University, very famous. .

Use these 6 principles in your video marketing strategy, and you’ll naturally increase your chances of making an impact on your customers.

According to some agencies, each type of video has its place in a video marketing strategy, as long as it is used in the right way and shown in front of the right people…

…this is a speech from video marketing agency Enord, which offers a full range of video products to allow you to use these 6 principles of influence in your video communications.

So let’s look at these principles in a little more detail.

1. Cultivate a Feeling of Empathy

Tell your story in a dynamic corporate video and provide a visualization element for your audience to recognize themselves in you.

Your corporate video isn’t meant to be used alone for communicating over a network, but it is an excellent complement to maximizing your visibility, thanks to the effect of simple exposure (the more people see you, the more they remember you). do, it’s understandable).

In addition to humanizing your speech through your story, use corporate videos to share your values, your business philosophy, the things you care about and the principles that you care about.

With a good image, you will anchor your brand in the collective consciousness of your customers, for this it is not enough to create a campaign on the network, we agree. But it does help.

And beyond the business aspect, your corporate video should show you in your best light, make you look stronger than you really are, it should give heat to your competitors!

2. Cultivate a Sense of Reciprocity

Reciprocity is a very strong feeling that most people (commonly formed) feel when they are offered something (a gift, a special benefit, a favor, etc.).

We are social animals, so a “give and take” balance is so important to us.

Therefore reciprocity is one of the foundations of our relationships (cooperation, friendship, love).

Give something great value that won’t cost you much (because value value).

Give a real expert tip for holding your audience accountable.

You know the saying… you have to give to receive!

That’s the whole principle of this tutorial video!

This type of content is massively consumed on the internet, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy watching the tutorials as well.

Problem, you might not know what kind of tip to give to your customers?

So look at these examples:

  • If you are in the food industry, offer basic recipe tutorials;
  • If you sell beauty products, demonstrate good practices to get the best results;
  • If you sell baby products, provide practical, step-by-step tips for falling asleep or developing your baby’s senses.

Ask yourself: “What do my customers need to know to get the most out of my product?”

And usually, you will have the material to make tutorial videos that really help and make your customers very indebted.

3. Assurance with Social Proof

What is your reflex when you buy a product on the Internet?

You always look at customer reviews, don’t you?

It has become so natural in the buying journey.

Even though we know that fake reviews abound, we still consider reviews from people who have bought products from us before.

Because in theory, these people have more or less the same expectations and needs as we do.

So the question arises: How can you use social proof-of-effect theory to improve your video communication?

Quite simply by creating videos of customer reviews (who are definitely satisfied with your products or your services).

Who explains how it solved their problem or how it helped them achieve a goal.

The more testimonials you have from satisfied customers who exaggerate your business, the faster people will trust you.

Form matters, but it is matter that prevails here. The content of the message does almost everything.

This means that you don’t have to have the best video production to create this type of content.

You can even make videos of customer reviews filmed on a webcam, that would do great.

4. Influence through authority

We are accustomed to obeying the figures of power since childhood. It starts with our parents, then nannies, teachers, firefighters, police, doctors etc.

We follow authority as this model is reliable. You wouldn’t go to your market gardener for legal advice, or ask a lawyer how to cut your tomatoes.

On the other hand, you blindly trust what your doctor tells you about your health.

After all, a doctor who has studied at least 10 years and is qualified enough to care for you in the best of circumstances won’t take on-the-job training, tossing a coin, to make a diagnosis.

You can use relevant elements (staging, props, etc.) to make your video interview and reflect an authoritative image.

There are a lot of video campaigns with actors wearing white coats to subtly bring out the element of authority…

…the best thing is not to cheat, but to use certain elements to elevate oneself.

Instead of doing your video interview on your premises (like your competitors), you can rent a TV studio for half a day to set yourself apart and look more influential in your industry. do you see the idea?

But you can also ask influencers to promote your products on video (if your customers use Instagram).

The idea, as the title of this part suggests, is to influence, support and give your words credence to the principle of influencing authority through good interview videos.

5. Build loyalty with commitment and consistency

A study in Social Psychology, described in the book by Dr. Cialdini, shows that our writings engage us much more than we think. Especially if it’s going to be public.

When you leave a comment under an Instagram video or post, you are publicly advocating for something, you voice your opinion.

A completely objective and benevolent opinion, huh! Laugh out loud

In fact, when we publicly voice our opinion, our mind will do everything it can to support us in our argument and find all arguments going in that direction. This is called confirmation bias.

And usually, when your customers give you their attention and leave you a (let’s say positive) review, that review is like a seed that will grow stronger over time.

Obviously it works roughly the same way, your haters will hate you more and more.

But don’t forget to design your videos to invite people to say something about you publicly.

People who speak well about you are more likely to be your next customers.

Oh and also… So creating customer review videos, in a certain way, contributes to increasing the commitment of your customers, which testify in your favor.

If they imagine praising you in public, it will reinforce their argument and reinforce their view that you are the best of the best.

6. Create Urgency With Reduction

What is rare is often precious. and therefore often desirable. You know this very well.

But you can make your product or service even more desirable by creating urgency around your offer.

The fear of missing out on a good opportunity (the fear of missing out, or FOMO) is extremely unpleasant. Rarity can make a lot of ordinary things interesting.

And we see it in video commercials almost all the time.

“Offers reserved for loyal customers within the limits of available stock”; “Offer valid for 24 hours only”; “Prices will double next week”; “Product will no longer be available for sale” [telle date]”; Etcetera.

All these warnings are heavily used, as they work very well.

So don’t forget to give the exact action to be taken at the end of your ad video, but if you can do it with enthusiasm, it will make your offer even more rare in the eyes of your customers, and therefore even more desirable.


Everything said here is valid only when you are addressing the right people.

Gary Halbert (probably the best mail-order salesman) often asked his students, if they had a fries stand, what benefits they wanted to expect to have the upper hand over their competitors (if they had to choose only one). . ,

Some advocated a flashy sign, others bet on local and organic produce, still others on food packaging.

Often far from what Gary Helbert wanted, namely hordes of hungry people.

If you have a crowd of hungry people in front of you, there’s no need to put too much effort into packaging the fries, or having potatoes labeled organic.

Getting to know the people you are talking to should be your main passion. If you haven’t already established it, you need to define who your ideal customer is, or your personality (the principle is the same) to find that “hungry crowd”.

If you fully know your customers’ needs, using the 6 Principles of Influence in your video communications will make your offers irresistible.

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