Marketing guide on WeChat, the popular application in China

When a company wants to enter a new market, its priority is to reach its target and get them interested in the products it has to offer. To do this, the first step to make this goal visible is usually to create a website and be present on social networks to provide information to your prospects…

China is no exception: a specific strategy is also needed to be visible to Chinese consumers. For this obviously it is very important to make a website in Chinese language. An element that differs in the strategy adopted with respect to social networks: being visible on Baidu, especially thanks to Baidu Ads, is expensive and SEO actions take time to take effect. It is better to bet on the application that is popular in China: WeChat.

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What is WeChat and how can it help your business?

WeChat is basically a messaging app. This mobile social network recently reached 600 million monthly active users and is by far the application on which Chinese mobile users spend the most time, be it for fun or work. These users are permanently connected and open the application several times a day.

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Source Gentlemen Marketing Agency: Tencent Group Figures

One may wonder why it is necessary to base your communication strategy on such an application. Unlike WhatsApp, WeChat isn’t just for messaging. Of course, we can also use it in video for this purpose, for individuals as well as for groups, to record audio messages or make calls. However, there is more to this app.

QR code is a very special element of WeChat, which allows you to do O2O (offline to online).
For example, in Lozre the personal QR code of a French company is used to communicate with its Chinese customers via WeChat. The Chinese first find the site then add the QR code and the dialog, so the email is replaced.


Get closer to your goal thanks to WeChat

The big difference from other similar apps is how users interact with each other – by sending messages, participating in interest groups, or sharing content on their Moments stream – and with whom they can interact through this app. can. A brand can actually create an official account and join the WeChat experience with its target.

Followed on official accounts of users

The logos of the brands and other official accounts being tracked appear on the accounts of users who then choose to display them or not.

One interesting thing about WeChat is that you don’t give information to anyone on your feed, only those who have chosen to follow you. So it is the WeChat user who takes the first step towards the brand, not the other way around. Then you will be part of his network and will be able to interact with him.

Plus, WeChat has its own QR code reader. Typically, users just scan the QR code of your official account to follow you, but they can also ask a contact in their network to share your account details.

interact with your audience

Having an official account on WeChat is like having a mobile site on this platform. This makes it very easy to spread information about your brand and what it has to offer. This function is very useful to complement your existing website.

Thanks to this official account, the brand is able to send welcome messages, automated responses according to specific keywords or even surveys to its followers.

Meilishuo Share WeChat App

Meili Shuo, a platform specializing in cosmetics, allows WeChat users to share their opinions on their favorite beauty products or fashion items directly from the application.

WeChat’s business-oriented features

Larger accounts have access to even more functions. WeChat actually provides features such as WeChat Wallet, subscription or advertising, which are very useful for brand development.

WeChat Wallet, or “wallet”, allows users to link their WeChat account to their bank account or credit card, making payments via mobile possible. These purchases can be made either online directly on the application, or offline by scanning a QR code that authorizes the application to make the payment.

This feature has greatly changed the sugar consumption pattern and the opportunities are endless. Today, possibilities range from selling products online to paying for a taxi ride or even visiting a doctor. Which original solution would you create?

wechat wallet

WeChat Wallet is presented in the form of a full menu where predefined services are provided.

In addition to providing users with the ability to purchase your products or subscribe to your services, this application simplifies the management of followers and customers. By using the membership feature, you can convert your followers into members. Their WeChat identifier and their telephone number are then linked to a geolocated member card. Thus a brand is able to approach them according to their location. You will understand, WeChat membership facilitates the segmentation of followers.

Ads on users’ personal Moments feeds are also enabled for accounts with more than 100,000 followers. Again, the possibilities are quite diverse, from discount coupons to promotional offers or VIP cards. Users can be targeted according to various criteria such as age, gender, location, interests, device or network used.

Overall, WeChat can be used by brands as a real CRM tool. They maintain a very personal relationship with their followers, these conversations cannot be viewed by other users. On the other hand, they know their fans because they have access to their contact details, their areas of interest, and their purchase history. And finally, they can send them differentiated messages with offers that they can use online and in store.

Followed on official accounts of users

Membership card examples. The menu provides access to several options: check points, credits, benefit from specific offers, and more.

Build a real community with WeChat

Not only can you send offers to your target audience, but you can also encourage community building around your brand. It will depend on the fans you have managed to bring together. As seen earlier, it is users who come by searching for a brand’s account. Some brands also try to attract other WeChat users with rewards: by scanning their QR code – thus becoming one of their followers – these users have the opportunity to participate in raffles.

vip card exampleThe growth of this community depends on the content shared with it. The more interesting it is, the more attractive the brand will appear to the users. If you already have relevant information in your own website, sharing it through this app will improve your brand experience for WeChat users. See other case studies here and here.

Lastly, animation of interest groups can be of great help in the development of this community. It can be built around specific topics and users can only access it if they have been invited, so it’s only for people who are genuinely interested in what you say. It is up to the brand to find interesting content to engage the participants in the discussion.

For example, a Chinese school regularly plays games on WeChat (see their site), and allows its members to earn free hours when they share the account on their “Moment”.

beijing school

For each participation, they multiply their number of views by 100, which is a good way to let expats know.

Try their face-to-face teaching methods.

* Contrary to what one might imagine, very few expatriates in China speak Chinese, even if they have lived in China for a long time.

wechat marketing

WeChat offers a lot of opportunities for big brands but also small businesses as well as being a great way to reach a community. Animations are on the rise and content remains the pillar of this social network that is not very viral, and where only word of mouth and 020 can grow their followers and reach a community.

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