Here’s a practical guide to optimizing your Twitter marketing strategy in 2022. Learn best practices, how to align your campaigns with your business goals, and tips for setting campaign goals…

A New Guide to Developing Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter has released a new 2022 planning guide for doing well on Twitter. The complete guide is 69 pages, but most of it is taken up with a list of monthly calendars that users can fill out. You can use this editable PDF on your desktop, or print it out and keep a hard copy to work with. Whatever works best for you.

Twitter Planner 2022 will help you:

  • Schedule your promoted and organic Tweets a month in advance
  • Plan better Twitter advertising campaigns
  • Find your brand voice on Twitter
  • Thinking of new content with themes of “Tweet of the Month”
  • Improve your Tweets with professional tips from the Twitter Business team
  • Get creative best practices

A complete clear and structured guide

It is divided into 3 parts:

  1. a starter kit
  2. a monthly schedule
  3. resources for professionals

1. A Starter Kit

It allows you to predict 2022 highlights, frame your speeches on Twitter, and build a personality. This kit allows you to create your own marketing plan on Twitter and define your goals. It is aimed at beginners to define the main guidelines and build up this strategy gradually.

  • Predict the highlights of 2022
  • frame your speech on twitter

2. A Monthly Program

This document includes several pages per month for setting purpose or estimating tweets to be posted. Twitter is leaving room for marketers to enter daily details about key goals, events and ad campaigns to help track performance. This allows you to target key moments or important events that can punctuate your campaigns.

3. Resources for Professionals

In addition to these resources, the guide provides advice on best practices to adopt specifically to improve your company’s notoriety. It aims to help marketers develop guiding principles for their tweet strategy:

  • keywords;
  • visual methods;
  • emoji;
  • Etcetera.

All of these can then be used as the basis for brand guidelines.

The last part of the guide is a list of tweeting tips and notes for optimizing your tweets.


  • are concise and precise
  • Include a Call to Action (CTA)
  • are human and conversational
  • Discount in % (not currency amount)
  • create a sense of urgency
  • Avoid distracting hashtags


  • are clear and not pixelated
  • include text
  • Have a Central Purpose
  • draw attention to with bright colors, a human element, or a display of movement or emotion


  • are 15 seconds or less
  • open with product
  • keep subtitles or any other sound strategy
  • Clear placement of the logo throughout the content
  • Branding exists for more than half of videos

Even if you’re sure you know Twitter well, taking the time to describe and reflect on your strategic approach can reveal new elements and opportunities that you may not have considered before. has done.

To download Twitter 2022 guide, click here.