Marketing Analysis of JP Funguin

“Hello to you young entrepreneur”. It’s impossible, you can’t avoid it. JP Funguin has become an internet star in a matter of days. And we can find it everywhere: on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube and even on the radio or in the newspapers…

  • But then, what is the secret of its discussion?
  • How did this become known to everyone overnight?

and especially …

  • How to apply the key concepts they use to your marketing and explode your turnover? (I assure you, without renting a luxury car and wearing a very short suit).

in a second you will see why his marketing worked And how to use the same pattern.

But first, let’s go back to the basics of what the discussion is all about.

Viral Marketing, the Ultimate Goal?

What is Viral Marketing?

Simply put, it is a method of propaganda where the message is relayed in a natural way through word of mouth.

“Buzz” propagates naturally except that one cannot control its spread.

If it works, a snowball effect is created.

People share the message collectively and it is finally exposed for all to see.

This image speaks for itself and rightly represents masculinity!

One person talks about it to many people who will do the same. It’s infinite!

To be honest, this is the goal of any social media business.

What company wouldn’t dream of being able to Showcase your product to millions of people for free?

it is too big!

To give you concrete examples of virality, we have “No, but elo quoi” from Nabila or “Because this is our project” from President Macron.

It is these shared and collectively repeated sentences that cause a national discussion.

Now let’s move on to the marketing analysis of our friend JP…

JP Funguin: Scam or Artist?

The virginity of his message stems from several factors, and the first is psychological.

Have confidence or don’t be afraid of ridicule

Why did he make noise?

Because its content made people laugh. Nothing is happening with his video… and this absurdity has created a ruckus.

how to make buzz

But let’s delve a little deeper…

Because if it was enough to be buzzing, then you would have known.

So why do people feel pressured to laugh at him, laugh at him, and share?

Because it sounds ridiculous to us.

In our society, all our actions are determined by one thing: eyes of others.

What matters most as a human being is to please the tribe, to be socially accepted and not to be rejected.

On the contrary, JP holds the opposite view. He displays complete confidence in himself; Even if he makes a fool of himself.

But the matter does not stop here!

The actual success of its virility is not ridiculous.

what’s the change here Deep psychology of the audience.

They think they are smart because they feel they are missing a piece of the puzzle:

“We’re smart because we see that when JP looks serious it’s funny. When I can see him he doesn’t realize he looks stupid.”

result? we feel the best, Because we understood as spectators. While he, no.

infectious marketing

did you get the idea? A sense of superiority resides in the viewer which it must share with others.

Let’s take an example.

Imagine you’re in English class and Mark, the arrogant bad boy student, appears in front of everyone for a presentation.

He definitely has a nice accent, but quickly you see his t-shirt is inside out with the label on the front.

In the end, everybody sees it, everybody knows it. Except that!

And that’s where it’s strong: It’s all-encompassing!

Because in the beginning only one person sees his T-shirt inside and out. But she tells her comrade who will do this until everyone comes to know.

There you have it, virility has exploded! Most of the college will know the next day.

and you know what ?

Funny though, our friend JP is going to make TAS money with his discussion.

Because absolute faith always pays off!

Think of the movie “The Social Network” which traces the creation of Facebook.

When Zuckerberg is late in front of investors + in his pajamas, is he ashamed?


He believes in himself. He is sure about his behavior and in our society, one who is not afraid of anything takes advantage of it.

JP is the same, he will be laughed at, but he doesn’t care. Of the millions they touch, some will say to themselves:

  • “What if this guy has something for me?” ,
  • “What if he’s really rich and I can do the same?” ,

They will approach him and he will win.

Let’s go over what you absolutely need to remember and apply to your marketing.

Fully mastered branding

Where JP is strong is in its brand image. And you have every interest in doing so.

No matter who you are, behind your screen, your personal branding is worth gold.

Whether you are a freelancer, a trader, a large company or even an employee, apply it!

become recognizable

JP established an easily recognizable context: a sports car, a dress, a place you like.

JP Funguin Arnarke

In short, a life of luxury.

We see it, we know who it is and we recognize him immediately,

For your brand, it should be the same.

If you’re a designer, when you say, “Do you know any hot designs?” », as soon as we see an achievement of yours, we should know that it is from you.

In 1 second, what anyone in your area needs to do be able to recognize you.

it can pass your service What is in or around itself: brand image, feedback, values, communication, artistic style…

For example, we recognize Picasso immediately, even though we know nothing about him.

JP Fanguin Marketing

Because it’s recognizable!

unfortunately it’s not enough

When you’re in a market with hundreds of competitors, you Have to go deep.

There are thousands of freelance designers.

There are hundreds of people in suits with rented cars on the internet and yet they don’t seem to be discussed.

  • So what material did JP add?
  • What material to apply so that we choose you and not another?

Unforgettable slogan

JP clapped and no one can forget him!

It goes through funny, dress style, but also… language!

“Hello to You Young Entrepreneur” “Question has been answered quickly”.

This is his slogan. And people will know and remember. This is what will make you different.

JP Fanguin Marketing Analysis

For example, the same is the case with the US President “Make America great again” or your favorite YouTubers.

if I tell you “Damn people “: You know right away what I’m talking about!

In your marketing, it’s the same. Suggest elements that make you recognizable,

“Because I deserve it” or even “to the bottom of the form”. some words that Connected with you and what is your specialty.

So what new and unique message can you use to describe your business?

For example, what if you do the scene? “Designers of your favorite youtubers”.

Or if you are the author of “The Wizard of Words”.

Or as a marketing consultant “the expert from whom experts consult”.

ok ok, the examples aren’t excellent, but i sure you get the idea!

Back to JP. how you Create a tailor-made speech that will surely impress your prospects?!

This is what we will see now.

a well structured message

If Marketing Interests You, You Can’t Miss It AIDA model.


In copywriting, it is a formula that I use every time for my clients.

It’s the ultimate premise and it’s what always gets results! For an ad, an email, a product sheet, a sales text, a landing page: it always works!

Let’s take a look at this model to see how JP used it:

Feather , to attract attention : “Listen, young entrepreneur, I have to tell you something important”.

Here, JP announces the goal of the speech (young entrepreneurs) and sparks curiosity (I have to tell you something).

So we want to know a little more…

I , arouse interest : “Did you know that 5% of the population owns 95% of the wealth? Do you want to be part of a higher or lower social class? ,

Here he has set an irrefutable figure. Then he asks a rhetorical question, do you want to be poor or rich?

Obviously, no one will say they want to be poor. That’s why his speech has started to interest us a little more.

D , create desire : “With your phone, you can quickly earn money and buy these types of high-end vehicles”.

It makes just one promise with a very simple barrier to entry: It only requires a phone.

Who doesn’t have a phone today? So obviously, we say to ourselves “Hmmm I can too!” ,

Then he does what I call “painting the dream” in copywriting. He talks about how your life will be once you get rich, taking his advice.

This is the basis of sales: to imagine, to project the prospect into the future.

Feather , call to action : “Either you follow me and you earn money quickly, or you will ask your grandmother for pocket money, contact me”.

So we have 2 ways: Sapna (to become rich) or a lousy life.

It uses contrast so you can make quick decisions right now.

And did you notice? JP don’t talk about product, He talks only about dream, desire, profit and possibility.

This is the most common mistake in marketing: focusing only on yourself, your product.

But no, he doesn’t care about your prospect.

Finally, J.P. gives the final result, but not how. It’s a great way to generate curiosity and get curious people into action.

JP Funguin Buzz

In short, what you should keep from JP

  1. Create a Unique Branding : stand out and stand out from the crowd through your product, your message, your communication;
  2. be memorable : Create a slogan and a strong brand image;
  3. Convert Strangers into Buyers with a Speech Aida And focus on possibility… not on the product!

So, are you interested in marketing and want to make quick money with me?

Ah, I’m kidding.

On the other hand, you can Easily monetize your knowledge and get your freedom. Click here to find the 100% FREE guide that explains how to do it from A to Z!

It’s all about how to find your customers, how to set your prices, how to have your freedom.

So, did you like this analysis?

I think the question has been answered quickly.


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