Marketers, you all idiots! (after “A Creative”)

“We fight with love, not hate with hate”, We get this teaching from Buddha. Well, our hero probably never knew …

As proof, here are some of the messages from his video:

  • “Entrepreneur online trainer of my balls”;
  • “Dropshippers, you are so crap”;
  • “Ass” (he often says so).

This man is a creative.

Previously, he was cool, full of joy, and he liked marketing.

But… a terrible incident has happened

Suddenly he started beating all the marketers.

Even worse, he started attacking famous marketers: Theophile Elite, Antoine BM, Yomi Denzel… well it’s still working.

But, he attacked my darling: Stan Leloup.

And I couldn’t let it go!

Why is free typing fun for a creative on Marketing Mania?

And is the marketing frenzy interested in responding to the onslaughts of A Creative?

I am answering this question in this video.

Together, we will see (among others):

  • Bill’s Secret (talented publicist);
  • How to build a strong brand around your YouTube channel;
  • The most persuasive element in marketing;
  • The psychology of successful conflicts.

If you make videos on YouTube, Un Creatif’s marketing strategy can teach you a lot, so this video is worth watching!

Watch the video:


ok, have you seen the video?

Great! (If not, try it by clicking here, because otherwise you won’t understand this bonus).

Well, as cool as I am, I will give you a mini-tutorial on building your own branding around your YouTube channel. And hey, since we’re right in the middle of this, we’re going to take Un Creatif as an example (what a cool idea!).

I want to (of course) clarify that it is not in one article that you are going to build your perfect branding. The idea is instead a “mini-branding” that will be the foundation of your future empire.

Ready ? So let’s go!

Wow. calms you down.

Before we begin, I’d like to remind you of an essential marketing rule: Clarity comes first!

The clearer it is, the easier it is to understand, the more our brain can represent it, the more we will remember what to remember, and the more engaged we will be.

So when you build your branding, do “less, but better.” Select only the required.

Alright, with that in mind, we can go!

1 – Enemy

The first element you need to define is your enemy (primary my dear Watson).

Your YouTube channel exists only unlike your enemy. If you have no enemies, you do not know who you are opposing. And if you have no one to fight, people will not support you.

It’s a bit like Luke Skywalker spent the entire movie picking daisies: who cares!

It takes a villain, so the supporters of your channel know what to fight against. Ask yourself: Who do I want to fight against?

Be careful, your enemy is not necessarily a brand or a public figure. It can be a group of people (like online trainers), a value (like brutality), or even a concept (like misogyny).

For a creative, his enemy is quite clear: the marketers.

2 – Mission

Ok, now that you have your enemy, you are going to define your mission. Mission is the quest you will pursue which will destroy the enemy. The point of your mission is that if it is completed, the enemy no longer exists.

Ask yourself what do you want to achieve, what is your goal, why are you. This second step is necessary, and can take a long time. But this mission is essential, as it sets the course to follow.

See it as a beacon. Without it, your boat won’t know where to go, but once it’s there, you have a clear path!

For example, a creative’s mission is to entertain their customers and inform consumers who will be able to detect the manipulation techniques of bad marketers.

3 – Weapon

Do you have your enemy? Excellent ! Do you have your own mission? Brilliant ! It’s time to arm yourself to fight!

Weapons are what will allow you to successfully complete your mission.

What would Luke Skywalker be without his lightsaber?

Be careful, don’t have fun putting guns in your decorations! What I call “weapons” are simply tools that will allow you to defeat an enemy. For example, Un Creatif’s weapon is its marketing knowledge.

Ask yourself what your weapons are.

Be warned, the common mistake is to choose a dozen weapons (I’m going to talk about psychology, anthropology, storytelling, copywriting, branding, marketing, and spaghetti).

The more weapons, the more confusing it is. And remember: Clarity is the key.

You must have the discipline to choose one to two weapons. Ask yourself which of all your weapons is the most powerful.

4 – vowel

and that is all ! You have your enemy. You have your own mission. And you have guns. Now you need to communicate with the outside world (aka: your prospects).

It’s time to set your tone. Of course, the latter stems from your previous choices. It would be absurd for a cookie brand to take an authoritarian tone, and for a military brand to take a warm tone.

How do you want to communicate with your consumers?

To help you see your YouTube channel as a character (my name is Bob). Bob has a unique personality, and it’s up to you to create it.

You will give him 7 character traits that represent who he is.

To help you out, here’s a list of over a hundred character traits, all you have to do is help yourself!

Creative’s “Bob” is a character who loves irony, who likes to judge others and who likes to feel superior.

5 – Appearance

We’ve come to the final stage: Presence!

Bob has an enemy, Bob has a mission, Bob has weapons, Bob has a personality. All you have to do is dress up Bob. It is here, and only here, that you will be able to define your logo, your colors, your typography, etc.

I will not give you complete information about your appearance as I do not know much about it. The only advice I can give you is to choose your colors well, as they affect the psychology of your prospect.

It’s called color psychology (and it’s exciting). For example, red represents danger and passion. Blue represents calm and loneliness. White represents purity.

There are dozens of videos on color psychology. If you want to learn more on the subject, I recommend the TED Talk by Jean-Gabriel Coss.

And there’s also a PDF here that summarizes the effect each color has on our psyche.

Here, the look of Creative’s bob is a mix of red and blue, which together make purple (I’ll let you find out what it looks like!).


That’s it, now your branding is done! You only have one thing left to do, add it to your YouTube videos!

And speaking of YouTube videos, I wrote another post in which I explain how Mr. Beast goes to make each of his videos go viral (he has 60 million subscribers, and each video of him averages 50 million views)

Click here to read it.

(To be honest, it’s totally worth it, I’ve only had positive feedback on it.)

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