Manage all your social networks using a single platform

As you have multiple social networks to manage professionally, it becomes essential to quickly select a tool that lets you manage everything from one place. Today, we invite you to test with us Swallow, the “Made in France” solution, with a simple, intuitive and pleasant interface.

Swallow offers 3 core features that will help you accomplish your community management tasks:

  • a monitoring tool to find inspiration;
  • A planning tool to save time and organize your editorial schedule;
  • An ultimate tool for analyzing the impact of your social media actions.

A monitoring tool for finding inspiration

Spello provides a dashboard for you to monitor. In the beginning you will be able to select the topics and sources that interest you. provides equipment 27 major subjects, You can then add custom sources based on your subscription.

Once your sources and topics are selected, your dashboard displays related news and a search engine to sort through the results.

Thanks to this tool, you can stay up to date on your business topics and find new content ideas to share on your network!

A planning tool to save time and organize your editorial schedule

You will be able to connect to Spello to manage your social networks directly from the tool.

Swallow is compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Adding your network is very easy, just click the “plus” and let yourself be guided.

Once this is done, you can easily schedule simultaneous publications on one network or multiple networks.

All you have to do is type your message, choose the social networks you want to publish on and indicate the date of publication! Of course, you can add your own photos and videos. You also have a shared library in which you can access your text and various media for all the users on your team on Swallow.

Scheduled posts can then be found on an editorial calendar.

Practice : The calendar can also integrate chestnut trees (to help you bounce back on current topics) and your own events (think of scheduling publications on D-Day).

On the programming side, Swallow allows you to import a CSV to program multiple publications at once or connect an RSS feed to automatically program publications based on this feed.

You also have a mobile application to program more easily.

Lastly, if many of you are working on animations for the network, Swallow also manages the teams.

In short, this tool provides everything you need to plan your communications effectively.

Finally, the ultimate tool offered by Swallow allows you to monitor the impact of your actions. Afterwards, you’ll get a URL reducer to track clicks on your publications, key audience data for each of your communities, and, for Twitter, the best time to publish.

On Twitter, I can follow the development of my activity, my impressions, my engagement all on a single screen. I can also see the engagement of each of my tweets.

And the best time to post:

So on our Twitter community, I see that the best times during the week are 10:30 a.m. and 4:57 p.m. on weekends, so I help myself by identifying the most active times to adjust my programming accordingly. I can

This way I can measure the impact of my actions and develop my social media strategy accordingly.

video presentation

To get a better idea, you can also follow this video presentation from Spello:


You have 3 subscriptions depending on the number of active networks and features/devices, the first subscription starts at 9.9€ per month.

You have the option to sign up for a demo and try Swallow for free to form your opinion.

in conclusion…

Spello is very pleasant to use, it will allow you to centralize your community management tasks.

we liked:

  • ease of use;
  • Integrated monitoring tools to get inspiration;
  • the possibility of programming in different ways;
  • Statistics module.

We would have liked:

  • There is the possibility of programming on other networks (such as TikTok);
  • Being able to follow and respond to mentions directly from Swallow (moderation is under development and will be integrated soon).

I invite you to test the solution to get your idea!

To learn more and to test Swallow for free, visit their website

Article written in collaboration with Spello

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