Make your levers work in harmony to perform!

Everyone is looking for Grail! A magic recipe to generate maximum conversion volume at the best price. In this context, it’s hard to ignore Google Ads and social ads in your B2C digital strategy…

Today, platforms (Google Ads, Meta…) are trending towards automation of campaigns through artificial intelligence. SEA expertise is evolving and “traditional” media buying techniques are no longer sufficient. You have to tame the machine and double your efforts on the communication part: wording, ad creation to demonstrate. This new deal involves taking even more height in your strategies and aligning all your actions.

Nevertheless, we see that advertising levers often operate in silos with different strategies and different teams depending on the topic. Example: Social ads are managed by marketing and com agency and SEA by IT/Digital department entrusted to a freelancer. An organization that can achieve its limits quickly in a more demanding and competitive context.

So how do you make the best mix?

Tip 1- Manage your campaigns globally

For this year, have you set ambitious goals for yourself: to gain market share, to reassure your customers, to strengthen your position as a leader?

It’s time to communicate together: Prioritize your messages, emphasize your characteristics and competitive advantages, and deliver “your message” across all your levers. In digital, as in traditional media, it is necessary to repeat messages to promote memorization. It’s clearly a question of dosage, adjust your capping so as not to overexpose and risk getting bored and spending unnecessary budgets, but don’t hesitate to repeat your messages.

Each lever plays a role in serving your purposes, maintaining the link and maximizing performance with the Internet user from the beginning to the end of the conversion funnel.

Your campaign is complete and should be built from a single block: strategy, budget, media plan, com sequence.

Tip 2- Consistency in Messages

Campaigns designed and deployed across multiple levers will allow you to strengthen the customer experience and maximize performance. It’s important to have consistency across all your touchpoints and to optimize messages at once: search campaigns, display campaigns, social advertising campaigns, and more.

For example, often, SEA ads are built on common thread messages and are not suited to high communication times: Black Friday, Christmas, Sale, etc. However, it is often a very good way to increase your SEA performance.

Tip 3- Synergy between platforms

Few channels will be more effective at different stages of the funnel including visibility, engagement, conversion, leverage the benefits of each platform by creating a multi-lever funnel.

Use the data collected through the platforms to optimize advertising strategy.

For example, capture the attention of an Internet user on a social network, respond to his request for information in the SEA in search engines and retarget him in performance with Google Ads.

Most ad networks work in a similar way. Challenge your acquisition costs and optimize your budget on the levers that perform best: Search converts more, allocates more budget and inhibits less efficient levers.

Share your flops and tops by platform, compare your results and deploy best creations and advertising messages.

Tip 4- Uniform tone in ads

Build nuance and adopt the codes of each platform (Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads) but communicate with a common discourse base to speak with one voice.

Use a literal field that reflects you: excellence, passion, creativity, performance…

Your DNA should be recognizable, it is what gives you personality and creates brand preference.


Ad creation and copywriting are at the heart of your acquisition strategy to drive change across the platform in 2022. To create the best mix, you need to think about multiple levers and integrate it into a global advertising strategy in which your levers work in harmony and build synergy.

About the Author

Nicolas Phoebe – Digital marketing consultant and founder of the agency La Nouvelle Aquipe. I Help You Find More Customers Through Digital Advertising: Google Ads and Social Ads.


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