Make Facebook Ads Your Ally in Recruiting

The recruitment industry is changing. Companies are looking for new skills, changing their processes with the large-scale deployment of digital tools, and so are candidate habits. Today, finding the right profiles on the Internet and especially on social networks is largely done…

In 2023, integrating the social advertising brick is more than essential to ensure you have the best possible recruiting strategy. Indeed, social networks are used by millions of people around the world every day. So it’s a safe bet that your next recruit will spend time there during their day.

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Why use Facebook to recruit new talent?

According to a 2021 study by CareerArc, 92% of employers say they use social media to find talent. Furthermore, for many companies, social networks are now the preferred choice for finding candidates, before advertisements, employee recommendations, and even job boards.

Facebook is a very powerful acquisition lever. The social network’s advertising audience is 1.98 billion users worldwide, including 30.4 million in France (We Are Social – Meltwater). By launching yourself on Facebook ads, you can target an audience that may be attentive to your job offers.

Regardless of the skill area and experience level you’re looking for in your new recruit, the diversity of the audience on Facebook shows you can find the talent you need.

5 reasons to start a recruiting campaign with Facebook ads

Social networks, including Facebook, have many advantages for candidates looking for a new position, but also for companies looking for exposure. Here are the main reasons that should convince you to integrate Facebook’s advertising solution into your HR strategy:

  • a huge choice of profiles;
  • the ability to create attractive and personalized ads (unlike job boards that don’t allow you to add views to ads, for example);
  • You position yourself where the candidates are, ie online;
  • The recruiting process on Facebook is affordable;
  • Advertisements allow you to easily highlight essential information to candidates.

Find the right audience for your ads

A recruitment campaign on Facebook will be no exception to the rule: it is necessary to define your targeting well in order to get good results. But, unlike the everyday advertising campaigns that run on Facebook, it is imperative to use audiences from specific ad categories for certain sectors, including employment.

To recruit on Facebook ads today you have to use special categories. This limits the targeting options compared to traditional ads. It is not possible to hold such hearings now, these are special hearings.

When you start a recruitment campaign with specific ad categories, the algorithm takes care of refining this audience based on the performance of your ads and the history of the account viewing your ads. So even with limited targeting options, you can still target users who are most likely to convert. For example, if a user has clicked on your ad related to a field of activity (eg health) or has already visited Facebook pages related to this field of activity, the algorithm will take this into account so that they can be followed again later. Can be targeted from…

How about going deeper into the subject?

So if you’re wondering how to build a recruiting strategy with Facebook ads, don’t miss our next webinar on June 1st! Mikael, Kamp’n’s COO, and Yacine, Kamp’n’s Traffic Manager, will share with you their best practices for making Facebook ads an essential lever in your recruiting strategy.

Register for the June 1st Webinar “Recruiters, Optimize Your Search for Candidates with Facebook Ads”

Article written in collaboration with Vibration

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