Macron’s speech on coronavirus: Marketing analysis

I feel stupid if I say so, given that almost all French people know about it. But on March 16, 2020, Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech. This speech declares national imprisonment for (at least) 15 days. And this is extremely important…

Why ?

  • Because if we want to stop the pandemic…
  • If we want to stop this virus from spreading…
  • If you want to save life…

there is no substitute: This discourse has to be strong – or nothing.

Is it successful?

Has the challenge been completed?

I’m analyzing it for you in this new video:

10 marketing points and psychological sources behind Emmanuel Macron’s speech to save France

In this analysis, I give you 10 powerful and sharp marketing points behind Emmanuel Macron’s speech, as well as my opinion on this speech (and if it’s influencing or not, in my opinion).

Macron uses a real marketing structure—and real copywriting techniques—in this speech.

He will try to persuade as many French people as possible to stay at home for 15 days to save as many lives as possible.

It looks like this:

  1. introduction;
  2. awareness of the problem;
  3. the announcement ;
  4. rub salt into the wound;
  5. paint the dream
  6. unique idea;
  7. answers to questions;
  8. ,
  9. positive conclusion;
  10. Call to Action.

It is therefore a discourse formed in a precise manner, with a real marketing structure behind it.

I can elaborate all these points one by one here.

But the best part is that you are still watching the video.

Because that’s exactly what I’m doing in it – step by step – and each time with concrete examples.

The link to access it is here.

good look,

– theo

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