Live Streaming in China, Teleshopping 2.0

Brands considering implementing a live streaming strategy must rely on influencers. The rise in popularity of social media has given rise to the idea that people can do whatever they want in front of their cameras, opening up many opportunities for brands and e-tailers. While there is no doubt that influencers have access to thousands of followers when it comes to buying products or services from online stores, consumers always choose what they already know what someone else offers to them. does. This means that marketers should not only focus on attracting new customers…

Fast growing live streaming in China

With the evolution of live streaming in social networks, e-commerce offers endless possibilities that will transform your online reputation more than ever!

The combination of e-commerce, livestreaming and social media is taking the United States by storm. Although it only existed for a few months in China, accounting for an estimated 13% of all e-commerce sales, influencers are turning its image into selling perfumes, concert tickets or clothing, for example, quickly. Thanks to its ability to gain popularity with potential buyers wanting to buy whatever they have to offer.

North American consumers are particularly inclined to do so, especially those who lead busy lives and feel pressure from others.

Live Shopping – Web Teleshopping

Live-shopping has been all over the craze in marketing, but it faces many questions. One of the questions raised by brands is how to select the people to represent them at these events and what qualifications they should have. Another important issue pertains to payment systems for these types of new experiences, where consumers get to know about the product before purchase, rather than at the time of purchase.

Nevertheless, all brands in China are starting to sell through influencers thanks to e-commerce. (more info here)

Adopting this type of retail idea is not without risk, but it can be very lucrative. In Canada, for example, cosmetics brand Urban Decay has launched a new product inspired by the future. In just one month since its October 12 launch, traffic has already more than doubled, reaching $11 billion by the end of 2020, thanks to this innovative idea that’s never been used outside of us. is …

Canadian marketers debuted live shopping in October 2019 with an exciting new campaign that got people talking on social media!

This is an interesting change that has happened for many brands. They shifted from retail to focus on direct-to-consumer selling, connecting with their customers online by creating content for their social media channels. It increases engagement rates while spreading affiliate products through influencers that are popular with consumers or trusted by potential buyers.

video platforms in china

Not many know that Douyin, the Chinese counterpart of TikTok, is already gaining momentum in the field of live streaming. With 400 million daily users and growing rapidly, it has become a major player for companies looking to rent their products or services to foreign players who do not speak English well. Because they are not from the country!

Western brands should take advantage of the Chinese market by understanding live streaming trends, including the most popular Chinese e-commerce platforms. They can tap into this demand with a quality product and dedicated customer service through channels such as Taobao Live or Kuaishou, as there is no shortage of consumers searching for their online content.

For example, KOL Austin Li (Li Jiaqi) has built his makeup empire by broadcasting live shows on Douyin, Taobao Live and Weibo.

Her followers can be found all over China, thanks to the increasingly profitable Chinese cosmetics market, where she has thrived with nearly 20 million followers across all platforms. During one session where they sold 15,000 tubes of lipstick in the span of fifteen minutes, we could see the popularity of this KOL in the Asia-Pacific region!

The world of influential people in China

What is the difference between Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) and KOL?

  • KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader;
  • KOC stands for Opinion Consumer.

The answer is quite simple: while both types of followers offer a lot to their respective brands, trust is in smaller groups. A typical large following can be what you would call an “active” or engaged audience member. Not only do they hear about your product, but they also act on what is said by follower number one thousand two hundred and eight who mention them too! A small, niche community can offer the same level of interest without becoming too large, because each person matters more than all the additional numbers in their community.

The Chinese Business Club also states that “China is a haven for influential people”.

Brands are realizing that KOL and KOC bring authenticity to the virtual world. When it comes to marketing in China, it is important that brands not only focus on e-commerce, but also rely on influencers such as opinion leaders (KOLs) or consumers, by providing them with genuine reviews first and foremost. can help build trust. They make the purchase decision. Also read an old article on influential people in China.

After understanding the impact of leveraging these two groups on the success rate of an online store, the next step is to improve customer service because as long as people feel valued, there will always be a request.

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