LinkedIn reveals it should have new features

A year ago, LinkedIn introduced “Creator Mode”. Continuing this momentum, the platform seeks to win over more professional influencers by launching new analytics and video features to further increase its audience…

New analytics to understand and drive engagement

Help creators see how their posts are performing. This is the main purpose of the new features introduced by LinkedIn. The platform also unveiled a slew of new tools for creators to measure the impact of their content and learn how to interact with members.

The features aren’t meant to monetize content, at least not directly, but they’re designed to help you see how your posts are performing.

For individual publications, the platform will allow a page to be displayed in the coming weeks that includes:

  • the performance of your posts, such as the number of impressions and total engagement;
  • The most detailed data on impressions and shares.

These data are available in Creator Analytics ยป For all types of publications: articles, plain text and videos.

This page mimics Instagram’s business dashboard, sharing a lot of data and insights such as:

  • the number of users who have access to a publication;
  • how people interact with an account;
  • Notifications that allow the public to choose to be notified when a new post is shared on the platform.

a subscribe bell and profile video

LinkedIn actually offers New content alerts so users can follow each of your posts, To receive these alerts, followers can tap a subscription bell at the top of your profile. It is therefore very similar to Instagram’s notification system which allows users to choose to be notified with each post.

Separately, the company is updating the Your Profile Video tool to record the short intro video that appears next to your profile picture. This feature allows users to learn more about you and your experience.

Other Interesting Features

While LinkedIn may not be the most pushy platform for showcasing content creators, it is steadily ramping up its efforts to attract them. In addition to the “Creator Mode” introduced a year ago, it encouraged influencers to create longer content with podcasts and more recently, newsletters.

The LinkedIn Newsletters rollout is an extension of articles for Pages featured last year, allowing companies to create and publish long-form content. The whole getting started process is simple and not only increases engagement with followers but also expands the audience beyond the main platform.

With the simplification of access to the publication of newsletters,Their number on LinkedIn increased by 625%, in parallel, Worldwide newsletter subscriptions increased by 89%!

Note that articles and newsletters are only open to eligible pages and creators. This includes a core audience of over 150 customers, experience creating original content, and adhering to professional community policies.

So far, it looks like all these efforts are gaining momentum on the platform. LinkedIn says more and more 5.5 million users Have enabled ‘Producer Mode’ till now and that 30% increase in customers Overall for people using Creators Mode.

Source: LinkedIn

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