LinkedIn releases new guide to effective branding strategies

The pandemic has had a significant impact on all marketing approaches. To help companies optimize their long-term branding goals, LinkedIn has released a new guide…

LinkedIn, an ideal platform for companies

More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn to grow their business. Not just because it is an excellent social network for recruiting and recruiting the best talent. With over 690 million members, more and more brands are using LinkedIn Marketing to network, connect and sell.

Marketers look to LinkedIn to fuel growth and see results:

  • LinkedIn is one of the top three players in B2B digital advertising;
  • LinkedIn’s advertising business tops $1 billion in revenue, up 97% year-over-year;
  • Advertisers see LinkedIn as a trusted platform: 58 million businesses have built their brand communities on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is by far the most important social network for reaching business buyers and connecting with professionals in general. Hence it is one of the main B2B social networks (and increasingly in content marketing). it allows:

  • Raise awareness and improve reputation;
  • Strengthen thought leadership and influencer marketing;
  • Sell ​​and generate leads;
  • Develop Social CRM;
  • consolidation of traffic;
  • listen and get ideas;
  • Find new talent.

Key elements to consider in your brand strategy

As LinkedIn notes, it’s important for brands to keep their long-term outlook in mind when managing daily and short-term data. To improve your overall marketing performance and encourage long-term growth, Linkedin has published a new 13-page guide.

After publishing a guide to effective branding approaches, LinkedIn provides a series of notes in this new document on key elements to consider in your branding strategy and how LinkedIn can help you strengthen your presence and your connections. could.

While LinkedIn stresses the importance of creating a long-term marketing strategy first, many marketers are still turning things around too quickly – which is especially relevant right now.

A branding strategy on LinkedIn focused on B2B marketing

The guide then provides more direct information about how you can create a more effective, long-term branding strategy, outlining the specific steps and steps in the process. The emphasis is on B2B marketing, but most of the notes are broadly universal and will apply to all branding campaigns and strategies.

This guide also describes more specific steps you can take to maximize your digital branding efforts. Many of these steps may seem obvious, but breaking them down and providing more detail about the purpose of each can help provide a clearer picture of how these elements relate to your approach in particular, and how. . You can incorporate them into your larger marketing effort.

This marketing guide helps you think about your marketing strategies and optimize your social media strategy around these elements.

You can download the LinkedIn guide here.

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