LinkedIn is launching dark mode on mobile!

LinkedIn recently rolled out Dark Mode worldwide, giving its more than 774 million members the ability to browse the professional social network with white text on a dark background…

LinkedIn is late…

Blogger and engineer Jen Manchun Wong posted this screenshot of LinkedIn’s Dark Mode during testing this summer.

Most social apps already provide this option. While dark mode was the buzzword on Snapchat or Facebook’s mobile apps, LinkedIn is dragging its feet.
The social network tested dark mode in its app in 2019, which was also first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, but apparently never happened.

In November 2020, they published yet another official announcement” To make the LinkedIn experience easy, inclusive and enjoyable. As part of the new LinkedIn experience, they have announced the deployment of the possibility to switch to dark mode soon.

After several months of waiting, LinkedIn has finally confirmed that Dark Mode is available.

Why Install LinkedIn Dark Mode?

LinkedIn is gradually allowing its members around the world to switch between dark and light modes on its mobile app. The platform said users interested in a more immersive experience can check to see if the mod has already arrived in their region.

Dark Mode is already available on most other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat. This new option allows its community’s more than 774 million members to follow the trend, but also and above all to consume content and interact with other members, professionals and/or friends in a more casual setting. gives.

The company said that it has also designed the display option to make the text easier to read. Dark Mode, which is often used in low light conditions, can also help save your smartphone’s battery life.

In addition to reducing eye strain and blue light exposure, it also enhances the contrast between the text on the page and its background. On the other hand, the business platform should become more inclusive. LinkedIn explains:

“We also took this opportunity to present dark mode versions of our pictures that Complete the experience in Dark Mode. These images capture a wide variety of industries and sectors beyond technology and represent professionals of all skill levels, bringing to life our vibrant and diverse LinkedIn community. ,

That’s why dark mode is the first step towards inclusion on apps and desktop. LinkedIn is also currently working on a more scalable font and a new page feed.

How do I activate dark mode on LinkedIn?

Here’s how to activate dark mode on the LinkedIn mobile app:

  • From your LinkedIn profile, open Adjustment ,
  • scroll down Display and click dark mode,
  • from there you can choose dark mode, light mode where device settings. LinkedIn says that device settings are selected by default for members who have dark mode enabled on their devices.

Like other platforms, Dark Mode doesn’t change anything in the previous interface of the app or website – except the background and font color. All other profiles and power segments remain the same.

In early September, Google Search added dark mode to desktop searches, in addition to the option already present on the Google Search mobile app on iOS and Android.

Source: LinkedIn

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