LinkedIn is eliminating the stigma on career breaks

This is an essential feature to explain the shortcomings of your online CV. Grief, care, travel, maternity leave… Now career breaks can be featured on LinkedIn without fear or shame, thanks to this new feature loved by employers…

According to recent statistics, almost half a billion families are affected by career breaks, especially after the birth of a child:

  • About 22% of women interrupt their careers for parental reasons;
  • 17% for medical reasons;
  • 14% for psychological problems.

New findings from LinkedIn also show that nearly half of hiring managers say career breaks are becoming more common.

In a recent global survey of more than 22,000 people, LinkedIn found that 62% of people worldwide have taken a career break at some point in their lives.

For example, there has been an increase in the number of US job postings on sites that mention career breaks or “returns” after a gap of two or more years:

  • 63% in 2021 compared to 2020;
  • 100% compared to 2018.

But rest assured, roughly the same number of hiring managers say those who have taken career breaks are: Untapped talent pool.

“Many people say that you learn a lot of valuable soft skills, like time management, great communication, being able to prioritize toughly,” said Camilla Han-hee, LinkedIn’s senior product manager. “So feel free to include these things in your profile. They’re valid, they’re real, and they’re super valuable. »

Women (most affected by career break, learned:

  • self-awareness (34%);
  • Patience and Tolerance (32%);
  • problem solving skills (31%);
  • time management (30%);
  • be happy at work

Han-he continues: “Make sure you practice the kind of story you want to tell around your career break. Also make sure you are able to apply the skills you learned to the new job. »

Instead of being embarrassed or hiding something, you can turn the situation around and talk about the skills and experiences you’ve gained during your free time.

In fact, according to LinkedIn, “51% of recruiters say they are more likely to contact a candidate who provides context for their career break.”

A mandatory attribute on a career break

While many people are still struggling to communicate effectively about work disruptions, LinkedIn is rolling out an exciting feature for job seekers. It also allows you to stand out to recruiters.

This new option allows you to add a “career break” and choose a reason from the drop-down menu. Reasons, and there are many, include:

  • full-time parenting;
  • Mourning ;
  • medical care ;
  • pursuit of personal goals;
  • pruning;
  • A post has been removed.

To add a career break to your LinkedIn profile:

  • Click “Add a section” below your profile picture, followed by “Add career break”;
  • choose a type of career break;
  • Fill in information about the duration of your career break, details;
  • Attach any relevant media.

Thus this decision marks a turning point in the generalization of the discussion on the shortcomings of CV. The new feature will be available worldwide in a few weeks.

Source: LinkedIn

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