LinkedIn Ads Launches a New Guide

Do you want to maximize the performance of your LinkedIn campaign, especially with the increasing number of users who engage on LinkedIn? The social network publishes a new guide to give you a better overview of advertising options for launching effective advertising campaigns…

+ 30% more LinkedIn sessions in the last quarter of 2020

LinkedIn sessions grew 30% in the last three months of 2020, while the platform’s overall revenue grew 23% during that period. And with the acceleration of various online activities, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, you can expect LinkedIn to become a social network to grow and strengthen your business reputation.

As such, this social network has immense potential that must be tapped right now! LinkedIn provides a great opportunity for businesses large and small to improve their marketing, increase brand awareness, and connect with customers around the world. LinkedIn is one platform that businesses should not ignore, especially in the business-to-business (B2B) sector. Benefits of using this marketing tool include features such as very specific audience targeting, effective ad types and measurable results.

They have also offered a simple yet practical reference guide for your LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

A New LinkedIn Ads Advertising Guide

To help you optimize your advertising campaigns, LinkedIn has published a new advertising guide that gives advertisers an overview of the platform’s various advertising features, including:

  • size of images
  • call-to-action function
  • Technical requirements and lead generation.

This new LinkedIn Advertising Guide is a one-stop resource for LinkedIn advertising strategies listing the four different categories of LinkedIn ads:

Sponsored Content: Single Image Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads

These are ads that promote content. These can be published on LinkedIn, your blog, your website or any other platform with the help of special links. The goal here is to increase brand awareness. You want to tell people about your business to gain valuable customers and contacts.

Sponsored Messaging: Chat Announcements, Message Announcements

Sponsored Messaging (formerly known as Sponsored InMail) allows you to deliver ads to LinkedIn members directly in their inboxes. These announcements can be used to send personalized messages directly to LinkedIn members’ inboxes. However, LinkedIn places a limit on how many people you can contact each day and how many times you can contact the same person per month.

text ad

Text ads appear at the top right of LinkedIn’s desktop feed and are a great option if you want to build strong leads with a professional demographic. If you’re familiar with Google Ads or have created advertising on any other social network, you already know how LinkedIn ads work. They focus on creating text ads that drive members of your target audience to your website, product landing page, or other relevant web page designed to receive and convert leads.

dynamic advertising

Dynamic ads run right in the LinkedIn rail and reach audiences directly through personalization. When a dynamic ad is displayed in a member’s feed, their own personal information, such as their photo, employer name, and job title, is returned to them.

Building a brand online is a solid marketing strategy to implement. LinkedIn advertising can help build a lasting and trusted brand online in professional markets. Linkedin ads should be included in your B2B marketing strategy if you want to establish an online presence in the B2B marketplace. An expert and strong brand online will also help your other marketing strategies succeed.

You can find the guide by following this link: LinkedIn

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