Launch your WordPress blog on mobile thanks to the WPTouch plugin

Web browsing on mobile has improved significantly thanks to the democratization of smartphones. Despite this, the structure of the website is not necessarily mobile-friendly. It is therefore recommended to offer a mobile version of your site/blog. If you have a WordPress blog, know that it is very easy to make it mobile-friendly thanks to the WPTouch plugin. follow the leader…

WPTouch is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to provide a mobile-friendly browsing experience to your visitors. There are two versions: Free and Pro. The Pro version will give you more personalization and will also allow you to integrate your ads (Adsense Mobile, MobPartner … On this topic, read our article again: Mobile site monetization: various solutions) This is the version we used for webmarketing & co, so it will be used as a reference for the rest of this article.

Download WPTouch Pro Plugin…

To do this, simply visit the publisher’s website BraveNewCode and download the app, The Pro version costs $49 and you can customize your mobile site however you want. You can also get started by downloading the free version to familiarize yourself with the plugin.

Personalize your mobile site…

Here are some tips for using the plugin properly and personalizing your mobile site.

1: Configure the look of your mobile site

WpTouch Pro offers the possibility to create your own mobile-friendly themes. However, if like me you don’t have the technical skills to create a theme, the interface of the plugin allows you to customize the look very easily.

To start, go to “Active Theme” > “Appearance Style”

WP Touch Pro: WordPress Mobile Site Presence

You can start by prompting your logo to appear on the mobile site. For the latter to display correctly, you should use a file in PNG format with a transparent background and measuring 540*88 for retina screens and 270*44 for other types of screens.

On this same page, select fonts to use for backgrounds, different parts of the site, and remember to check the “Show thumbnails” box that allows you to display WordPress featured images in miniature form on each article. If you also want the latter to appear at the top of the article, go to “Active Topics” > “Menus, Articles and Pages” and then check “Show attached image in article content”. On this page, an option will allow you to display the article citation as the introduction on the homepage.

2: Facilitate navigation through a personalized menu

Not all of your pages are necessarily suitable for mobile use, by creating a personalized menu you can highlight pages targeted for mobile users.

WPTouch supports WordPress custom menus. So the first step would be to create a new personal menu.

Go to “Appearance” > “Menu” and click Add a menu that you can call, for example “Mobile”.

WordPress: Menu Appearance

In our case, I’ve narrowed down the menu to the home page, parent section, and about page.

Once the menu is created, I can go back to the WPTouch Pro plugin and then click on “Menu + Icon”. In the general settings, I select the mobile menu that I just created.

WP Touch Pro Menu

The plugin also allows you to add additional links to this menu. You can add up to three, so I was able to put in my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. To add these links, all you have to do is click on “object from the usage menu”.

Icons are often used to facilitate navigation on a mobile site. To add an icon for each item in your menu, here’s what to do.

Menu Settings and click on the icon. On the left side you will find various icons given by the plugin. Each of the 10 collections includes about 30 icons, there’s plenty for you to do.

wp touch pro personalization icon mobile site

Simply navigate through the collection and drag the icon you want onto the link on your menu.

Monetize your site with Adsense for Mobile…

Now that your mobile site design is perfect, let’s move on monetization, We will take the example of Adsense for mobile. Log in to your Adsense account and then create a new ad block.

google adsense mobile site

For mobile choose the format 320*50 banner and then personalize the ad. Once you receive the code, write down your publisher ID and your advertising channel. The first appears in the code after google_ad_client and the second after google_ad_slot.

Then go to WP Touch pro’s options and click “General” > “Ads & Stats”.

In Mobile Ads, enter the publisher ID and the advertising channel you just created.

On this same screen, you’ll also find options to integrate your web analytics tool’s code to manage ads on the iPad and track visits on the mobile version of your site. If your site’s audience analysis is important to you, read our article “Follow the performance of their site/blog via Google Analytics”.

Your mobile site is now monetized and you can follow its audience.

Add a suitable contact form and receive push notifications…

The form you have on your WordPress blog will not work on the mobile version and if it does work there is a good chance that it will not work well.

WP Touch pro has thought about this scenario and allows you to easily add contact forms. Icing on the Cake: You’ll receive a push notification for every message you receive.

Here are the steps to follow:

1: Create a Prolog Account: Prowl is a push system compatible with iOS, you can create an account for free to get the API key and use it in WP Touch Pro. Once your account is created, “API Key” to generate your key.

2: Configure WP Touch Pro : Go to “General” > “Push Notifications”, enter your Prolog API Key in the field provided. Then check the box “Allow users to send direct messages”.

3: Download the Prowl App : Once the two initial steps are completed, all you need to do is download the iPhone Prowl application to receive alerts for new messages.


WPTouch Pro offers many customization possibilities, the Pro version has support and the documentation associated with the plugin is very well provided. If you are looking for a plugin to make your blog mobile friendly, then WPTouch is for you.

Download WPtouch>

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