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LinkedIn’s algorithm is constantly changing. We all know that many factors like content relevance, quality or engagement affect it, but this may not be enough. To uncover the mystery behind the LinkedIn algorithm, Entrepreneur Site Editor-in-Chief Jason Phifer recently spoke with the company’s team about a recent update. Here’s what he tells us to improve our social media strategy and reach our target audience…

Share “Knowledge and Advice”

This content is now a priority on social platforms. LinkedIn’s algorithm now assesses whether a post contains wisdom and advice, then shows it to other users who might find the information relevant and useful.

What exactly do we mean by “wisdom and advice”?

  • The message is targeted to a specific audience;
  • The author writes in his main field;
  • The message contains “worthwhile comments”.

That’s why it’s one of the main techniques for your publications to reach people who don’t follow you yet. According to Alice Xiong, director of product management who leads LinkedIn’s search and discovery products:

, LinkedIn saw a nearly 40% increase in “people verifying and viewing knowledge-based content from people outside their networks”.

linkedin algorithm

Now think of the LinkedIn system as a conversation, and people want to be a part of that conversation.

Hollow comments, such as “Awesome!” or “So true!” ยป so now there will be no effect. Especially give priority to those people who respond more to the content of the message. LinkedIn is also reviewing WHO Are these commenters – are they random people or do they belong to a particular group? For example, imagine you publish content on digital marketing.

If a lot of marketing professionals are commenting on your posts, LinkedIn views this as a positive sign.

Target and interact with your target audience

Again, LinkedIn’s algorithm updates positively impact your ability to target and connect with your target audience. When deciding what content to display in a user’s feed, the algorithm considers several factors:

  • his interests;
  • its field of activity;
  • their connections and other information.

increase your chances Content is tailored to suit the interests of the right people.

To maximize this positive effect, you should:

  • understand the needs of your target audience;
  • Understand their interests and weaknesses.

Your target audience will be more likely to engage with your content if your content addresses these topics.

linkedin algorithm


Don’t limit yourself to wanting to get more likes and followers on your page. It can undoubtedly be a useful brand building tool and increase brand awareness.

Now think differently!

Instead of just reaching a lot of people, focus more on content and reaching them Good People.

The LinkedIn system does not reward virility, but rewards the quality of content and the artists of this content, Creative creators who know how to use and highlight their individuality.

We can’t say it enough: LinkedIn’s algorithm update can have a positive impact on your business. These updates can improve your visibility, reach, lead generation and networking opportunities.

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