Kinder brings its idols to life with this new app

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(D) After renewing an unusual experience in times of containment, Kinder joined forces with Gameloft and the Department of Education at the University of Oxford to launch a mobile application. His project? Bring chocolate brand figurines to life with augmented reality (AR)…

The edutainment application, called “Applaydu”, is aimed at children ages 4 to 9 and is specifically designed to encourage the bond between parents and their children through games, interactive stories and activities. has been done.

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They can create their avatar and face many challenges and experience many adventures in a virtual world thanks to the edutainment content.

Thus Appledu can play a vital role in helping “Guarantee that the happy child of today will be a better adult tomorrow”According to Emiliano Laricchuta, Global Head of Kinder Surprise Products.

It stimulates children’s imagination and unites adults as well as children in play and enjoyment.

Appledu does not include any ads or in-app purchase options. It also has additional parental control features to ensure the safety of the app.

It is available for free download from both Google Play and App Store and is compatible on Android 4.4 and iOS 12.

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