It’s official! reddit “copy” clubhouse

Like most social platforms, Reddit is closely following the rise of social audio and, surprising or not, is taking advantage of it as well. The platform shared the first glimpse of its next audio tool to compete with Clubhouse, the app that’s making noise in 2021…

Various tools to encourage Redditors’ engagement

Do you remember that in the early 2000s there were so many forums on the web? These forums had a fairly basic discussion forum. One person posts something and others start commenting on it. As the web has matured, discussion forums have faded into oblivion. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, social networks have become more and more profile-based – homepage-based. You have your profile, you have a network of friends – and they interact with your posts. Reddit is one of the last surviving web forums.

Reddit is an American social sharing website created for users to submit text, images, and videos on which users can vote, sending popular content to the top of the channel (known as “upvotes”). . They may push unpopular posts even further down in the chain so that they get fewer views or none at all. Businesses can use Reddit in two ways: ads and posts.

As for the profile pages on Reddit, they work the same way as the profile pages on other social sites. A brand can have a feed of their own posts, and users can message and follow the profile manager.

Reddit has been working on various tools over the years to promote engagement and real-time conversations, such as:

  • Live streaming and in-app messaging to better connect users with similar interests;
  • random group chats, which take a somewhat similar approach to social audio;
  • Selected Caption features a new “Start Chatting” command that, when activated, starts a closed group chat for up to five members of the same community.

reddit talk and its audio meeting rooms

Like the hotline on Facebook, space on twitter, or Voice Chat 2.0 on Telegram, Reddit launched Reddit Talk. Audio Social Rooms is a great feature to improve user engagement with the community by participating in real-time discussions about the topics they love.

This new Clubhouse rival, still in the testing phase, offers all members the opportunity to create and connect with audio conversations. Reddit users can join, listen, and react to a room with emoji. The audience can raise a hand to invite the host to speak.

Even in the testing phase, community moderators can join a waiting list when they can try out the feature for themselves. After the trial period, Reddit says it will work with moderators to allow other trusted users to host discussions through the new feature as well.

With the community-driven design, it will be possible to see engaging conversations first hosted by moderators, with whom the company works closely to ensure a unique and positive user experience.

As such, it feels like a solid addition to the Reddit experience — which could also see more users move on to new audio group experiences. Enough to shake the clubhouse even more…

Source: reddit

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