It’s official! Facebook launches several new audio-social options

It’s well known, Facebook doesn’t wait long to tackle its competition, the latest being Clubhouse social app. The social network actually suggested on several occasions that it was always going to copy Clubhouse in some way or another that, sooner or later, saw a significant increase in the use of audio meeting apps. And it’s done!

An audio version of Messenger Rooms

To compete directly with Clubhouse, the app that’s making noise in 2021, Facebook is launching an audio-only version of its Rooms feature in Facebook and Messenger. This will allow users to start discussions in each of the audio rooms and apps that are highlighted at the top of the news feed, a format similar to Clubhouse. Users will be able to make their rooms public or private while appearing in the “Separate Rooms” tab.

monetization of rooms

Working on an additional monetization model, creators will also be able to monetize their rooms through Facebook’s Stars donation system. For example, it is possible to bill for access to a live audio room through a single purchase or subscription.


Creators will be able to turn live conversations into podcasts that everyone can listen to later. As explained by Facebook:

“Over the next few months, you will be able to listen to podcasts directly on the Facebook app, using the app or while the app is in the background. And since it’s still hard to find your favorite podcasts, we’ll make it easier for you to find new podcasts and episodes based on your interests, comment on them, and recommend them to your friends. ,

group option

As part of the initial Audio Rooms rollout, Facebook is testing the option in Groups, where users can set up Audio Rooms exclusively within their groups. This can be a great way to connect like-minded people.

a short speech or part of a speech on radio or television

On top of that, Facebook is launching “Soundbytes.” This new tool will eventually allow users to post their own audio clips to Facebook, in a new format using a variety of effects and tools.

The new tool will showcase Facebook’s various advances in audio technology as Facebook explains:

“Thanks to our advances in AI, we can magically make audio quality excellent, even if you’re recording on a busy street corner. You can use music from Facebook’s soundtrack collection as the background for your story to set the tone. And with the ability to mix audio tracks, a growing collection of sound effects, vocal effects, and filters, it should be a lot of fun too. ,

Significant Potential of New Facebook Offerings

It seems that Facebook sees Clubhouse as a feature it can easily replicate, in the same way it borrowed the concept of Stories from Snapchat for Instagram and more recently mimicked the TikTok experience with Instagram Reels . Facebook notes that it plans to begin testing additional audio products in the near future. This could provide more ways to discover and interact with the audio content in the app. This could eventually end Facebook’s position to win in the new social audio race.

Given Facebook’s wide reach and established presence in many people’s lives, these new options could pose a major threat to the growth of Clubhouse.

Let’s wait and see what happens next, but it looks like these new features are a success on the social network and take advantage of new opportunities to optimize your social media strategy.

Source: Facebook

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