Is this really the end of Instant Articles on Facebook?

Were you passionate about news on Facebook? You might not like what we are going to tell you. The social network continues its decision to move away from the world of information by withdrawing its instant articles…

Meta is ending support for Instant Articles, a mobile format launched in 2015 to quickly load news articles on the Facebook app. The decision will be implemented by mid-April 2023, the company recently confirmed. Thus it gives news publishers six months to adjust their social media strategies on Facebook.

Why delete instant articles on Facebook?

The reason is simple. Now all the focus is on entertainment, The way the TikTok app works is very similar, as the format was used sparingly.

“Currently, less than 3% of what people around the world see in Facebook’s News Feed are posts that link to news. And as we said earlier this year, as a business In the U.S., there is no point in investing heavily in areas that do not align with user preferences.” Meta spokesperson said.

Originally launched in 2015, Instant Articles was designed to give publishers a more engaging and faster way to display their articles on Facebook and maximize reader engagement in the app. In subsequent years, Meta has sought to add more referral links and membership tools as part of its ongoing efforts to create awareness among publishers and to help them use Facebook as a complementary platform on their main sites. tried.

But building relationships with publishers no longer seems a priority.

The race against Tiktok continues!

Actually, it’s all from Tiktok, Meta has seen a decline in its usage as TikTok’s engagement skyrocketed over the past two years. For this reason, the company has realized that it will have to respond by modifying its features to take advantage of the new user behavior.

Informational content is no longer that core element – unless, of course, it can be offered in a participatory short video format instead.

So TikTok has radically changed the approach to what social media can and should probably be in its next phase, allowing people to share their opinion on every news and topic rather than placing more emphasis on entertainment. who introduces himself to them.

In this sense, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta recently noted that Video viewing accounts for 50% of the total time spent on Facebook, On the other hand, reel is the fastest growing content format on Facebook and Instagram. Zuckerberg also pointed out that Facebook users “don’t want politics and struggle to have their experiences with our services taken.”

As such, Meta attempts to push more entertaining video content into user feeds that appear based on AI-powered recommendations, not who you follow and/or engage with. Connect.

Zuckerberg sees this as the future of Facebook, and that change is already reflected in the user experience.

A new behavioral development not to be underestimated

The disappearance of Instant Articles is only the latest step in this change, as Meta has already cut its funding agreements with publishers that were set up to feed its dedicated news tab.

At the same time, the company announced the closure of its Bulletin newsletter platform, which was once seen as a significant opportunity to facilitate local posting within the app.

And the latest news, new alternate feed options have been added, with your main Facebook “Home” feed now focused primarily on entertaining content, while moving friends/family content to the secondary “Feed” tab has given.

As you can see, the change is happening whether people like it or not, all to compete with TikTok which is at the forefront of deciding whether people like it or not.

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