Is streaming on Instagram finally possible?

Very soon maybe! Instagram has started testing its Live Producer feature so that users can go live on desktop using the streaming software.

You’ll soon be able to stream live content from a desktop computer via OBS, Streamyard, Streamlabs, and other streaming software.

A META spokesperson recently announced:

“We are still working on ways to make Instagram Live a meaningful place for shared experiences (…) »

You may soon be able to use a stream “key”—a single line of program code—to log into the back-end of Instagram Live. You can then run your content capture through your streaming provider of choice which will then feed your IG broadcast.

Until now, creators could launch Instagram Live from their smartphones. However, with Instagram Live Producer, streaming on Instagram will work just like other live streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

The new feature will allow creators to use additional external cameras and microphones, as well as add effects such as custom graphics, titles and end cards to streams.

Recommended formats for streaming on Instagram

Instagram outlined the recommended audio and video format requirements for streaming on the platform using the new Live Producer tool.

  • audio format (These settings are the default settings for most streaming platforms, including OBS)
    • Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
    • Channel Layout: Stereo
    • Bit Rate: Up to 256Kbps
  • video size
    • 9×16 aspect ratio (recommended, but not required)
    • 720p at 30 fps (Note: 30 fps is recommended, but Live Producer can also support 60 fps if desired. When using 60 fps, the Live Producer preview screen will always show 30 fps)
      • Resolution: 720×1280
      • Video Bitrate Range: 2250 to 6000Kbps
      • Options (supported, but not recommended): 480p @ 30fps, 360p

To live stream to Instagram from your desktop, you’ll need to download the streaming software of your choice.

  • Open the software, locate the streaming URL and enter key: they will allow you to stream your streaming software directly to Instagram Live.
  • Go to and click “Add Message”
  • Click “Live”;
  • Then select “Go Live” and enter the title of your video. In this option, you can “practice” yourself or go “public” to your followers.
  • Lastly, copy the stream key.

Instagram notes that you can view, share, and download your full broadcast in a live archive. However, you cannot share and download full live videos from Live Archive only if you have enabled it. The Live Archive can be accessed from your profile on Instagram Mobile.

Also note that Live Creator is not yet available to all users, as it is still in the testing phase.

Source: Instagram

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