Is LinkedIn (Still) Useful for Finding Jobs in 2022?

Recently immersed in a job search for a recruitment firm’s web project, I began to wonder if LinkedIn was still a viable solution for finding a job…

LinkedIn is an online professional social network created in 2002 in Mountain View, California. Its ecosystem is based on the presence of both candidates and employers on the same network. Sprinkle it all with professional communication, marketing tips, ties, and you have one of the greatest social networks of our time.

Now the question arises whether this giant still allows you to find a job. In what time, with what effort, and most of all under what circumstances?

I will try to answer it in this article (which raises the risk of smoking in the comments) in all fairness. And finally, I can recommend other platforms or methods to find your dream job!

1- Some statistics on LinkedIn in 2022

There is nothing more reliable than statistics to start an analysis on the usefulness of a site, application or social network…

And for that, I’ll rely on Matheu Laferriere’s very good article.

LinkedIn in 2022 is:

  • 810 million members LinkedIn;
  • More 200 countries and regions of the world ,
  • More 57 million businesses ,
  • And 120,000 schools are listed there.

The application also leads One billion members by 2025, This makes it possible to demonstrate rapid development consistently and that assures us of the usefulness of training to offer or find work in this application.

2- How is the job search going on LinkedIn?

The other thing to consider about job searching on LinkedIn is the ease with which companies can contact candidates, and vice versa.

Unlike other platforms, the LinkedIn social network, as its name suggests, is a network and not a showcase.

Therefore, it is easy for both parties to exchange, discuss and put a little human at the center of the job search. Which I find impossible in other circumstances.

We might even go so far as to send in a voice message or a short video private message to convince a recruiter, isn’t that cool?

Job search is also facilitated by the “Employments” section of LinkedIn. even if the offer Sponsored “Where” France whole Come to intervene in the search in a particular field, it is very easy and intuitive for the generations who have not grown up with a smartphone in their hand.

3- The many benefits of doing a job search on LinkedIn

It must be recognized that LinkedIn is very useful for researching a company or its employees.

I have always recommended that candidates do a macro analysis of the industry first, and then go into their dream job description: who is the recruiterWho are the future coworkers, what are the values ​​of the company…

Here is a short, exhaustive list of reasons that may motivate you to spend every day on LinkedIn to find work:

  • Research life in the company;
  • Find recruiters;
  • identify future coworkers;
  • Direct exchange by message (view by video, or by voice);
  • Playing with network virality to increase the visibility of an application (Video, Post, Audio… Be Original!) ,
  • Social network is not going to disappear tomorrow so building a network on it is a permanent decision;
  • Take advantage of past business relationships as referrals (evidence Social sharing the application),

4- Other ways to find a job (without linkedin,

Unlike the obligation to do your job search on LinkedIn, there are many other solutions.

Go through a recruitment firm, an application, other sites and platforms such as Indeed or Monster…

In recent years the trend is really towards specialization of sites and applications. Some sites like webmarketing and com also have a Dedicated space for job offers,

This is a very common practice in digital, but it is also in other areas such as health, work, or real estate…

To end this reflective article, we can say that yes, LinkedIn is still a good way to find jobs. However, with the proliferation of specialized applications and sites, rapid and effective recruitment can also be done on these platforms.

Unwanted application is also not to be thrown away. A friend of mine was recently hired for a data analyst position after an unsolicited application. It is good that this mode of operation is still valid. I would also say that the ability to force fate, to create an opportunity for yourself through your perseverance and solid skills, is most enjoyable.

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